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Mixed Couples – John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

A good looking couple.

A good looking couple.

Singer John Legend and his fiancee, Chrissy Teigen –¬†who’s of Thai-Norwegian descent and models for Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret, are expected to marry sometime this year.

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The Overreaction File – Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

Most guys aren't even looking at the background.

Most guys aren’t even looking at the background.

I know I am going to be going against the grain here with some of my progressive friends on this one. But I think way too much intellectualizing is going on over the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot.

If you haven’t seen the photos , SI this year decided to photograph the women in international settings depicting native people of those countries posed with the models. Of course some are up in arms that the images are racist and cultural misappropriation.

I love the blog Racialicious but a writer there gives the most intellectual over thinking I have seen on the matter. Read it here.

Look, I get that SI could have been more creative with their photos. But I just don’t see racism in them. By the way the only photo I disagree with is the one with the little girls posing with a bikini model. Not for cultural reasons but I think no photo that is targeted to male fantasies should ever have children in the same photo.

I know this can be a complicated issue, and I get an argument on sexism and objectification of women in general as always being on the table with shoots like this. But racism? Sometimes we can overthink things a bit too much.

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