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Mixed People – Prince

PrinceA couple of days late with my Mixed People Monday but here it is. Prince’s ethnic makeup is somewhat unclear. According to a 1983 Rolling Stone Magazine article, the pop singer’s father was of African American ethnicity and his mother was of Italian American Ancestry. However another website states that his mother Mattie Shaw, is of African American, Native American and White heritage, while his father, John Nelson, is of Black and Italian ancestry. Well no matter how you slice it, he is Mixed.


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Don’t Think Light Skin Versus Dark Skin Issues Are Just An American Thing

None of them look dark to me.

Lest you think the whole light skin is better than dark skin silliness is just an American issue, here is an article about a controversy with the very popular Korean Pop group, Sistar. Seems some people think some of the girls in the group have tanned a bit too much. O.M.G.

What’s even more amazing about this controversy is when you see the girls they are talking about, they are hardly tanned at all. Wow now that is a serious emphasis on pale skin being good, dark skin being bad. Check out the photos on the link and the video.

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Mixed People Monday – Sabi

Bi-lingual pop singer.

The pop singer grew up in Inglewood, California, and is the daughter of a Salvadoran mother and African American father. She was raised in a bilingual Spanish and English language household.

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