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Bigotry At The White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Ridiculous treatment.

Ridiculous treatment.

This is an excerpt from The Huffington Post this morning. It is written by a physician and wife of a noted journalist who was attending the White House Correspondent’s dinner last week. She happens to be Muslim:

As I left the hotel and my husband went to the ballroom for the dinner, I realized he still had my keys. I approached the escalators that led down to the ballroom and asked the externally contracted security representatives if I could go down. They abruptly responded, “You can’t go down without a ticket.” I explained my situation and that I just wanted my keys from my husband in the foyer and that I wouldn’t need to enter in the ballroom. They refused to let me through. For the next half hour, they watched as I frantically called my husband but was unable to reach him.

Then something remarkable happened. I watched as they let countless other women through — all Caucasian — without even asking to see their tickets. I asked why they were allowing them to go freely when they had just told me that I needed a ticket. Their response? “Well, now we are checking tickets.” He rolled his eyes and let another woman through, this time actually checking her ticket. His smug tone, enveloped in condescension, taunted, “See? That’s what a ticket looks like.”

When I asked “Why did you lie to me, sir?” they threatened to have the Secret Service throw me out of the building — me, a 4’11” young woman who weighs 100 pounds soaking wet, who was all prettied up in elegant formal dress, who was simply trying to reach her husband. The only thing on me that could possibly inflict harm were my dainty silver stilettos, and they were too busy inflicting pain on my feet at the moment. My suspicion was confirmed when I saw the men ask a blonde woman for her ticket and she replied, “I lost it.” The snickering tough-guy responded, “I’d be happy to personally escort you down the escalators ma’am.”

Like a malignancy, it had crept in when I least expected it — this repugnant, infectious bigotry we have become so accustomed to. “White privilege” was on display, palpable to passersby who consoled me. I’ve come to expect this repulsive racism in many aspects of my life, but when I find it entrenched in these smaller encounters is when salt is sprinkled deep into the wounds. In these crystallizing moments it is clear that while I might see myself as just another all-American gal who has great affection for this country, others see me as something less than human, more now than ever before.

When I asked why the security representatives offered to personally escort white women without tickets downstairs while they watched me flounder, why they threatened to call the Secret Service on me, I was told, “We have to be extra careful with you all after the Boston bombings.”

What a shame that she was treated like this. I hope the men who did this all lose their jobs over it, though I doubt it will happen. No one deserves this kind of treatment and humiliation, especially simply for their appearance since that is all these men could have known about her at the time. And so stupid that with people of color all must bear the brunt of stupid acts of individuals. But no one was paying extra attention to young white males after Aurora, Colorado’s theater shootings. Or the Newtown massacres. Or to white men after one shot up the Sikh Temple. Or many other incidents of stupid people doing awful things. But Dr. Jilani had to bear the brunt of the actions of stupid people. Strange again that those security guards only focused on the misguided interpretation of the Muslim religion by the Boston bombers, but he ignored that they were from the place that the Caucasian ethnicity was named, Caucasus. It was more convenient to focus on their radical religious ties than their skin color I guess. Read the must read full piece here.

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Racist Soccer Fans Target Muslim Player On Their Own Team

I really do wonder why world soccer fans are so darn rabid and often racist. I get being sports crazy and proud of your country. But the number of reports of soccer fans being racist to players is outrageous. And before you say they are that way to anybody playing against their teams, not just players of different ethnicities, stop right there. Because there have been many instances when these fans have targeted players from their OWN teams. Like in this case:

Hundreds of rabid supporters of popular Israeli soccer club Beitar Jerusalem walked out of a soccer stadium this weekend to protest the team’s new Muslim player.

A group of Beitar Jerusalem fans known as “La Familia” staged the walk out Sunday after Beitar striker Zaur Sadayev scoredhis first goal of the season against opposing team Maccabi Netanya early in the second half. The game ended in a 1-1 tie.

Sadayev, a 23-year-old Chechen Muslim, was hired along with Muslim teammate Gabriel Kadiev at the end of January. The move greatly displeased a core group of Beitar Jerusalem fans who are known for being nationalistic and anti-Muslim, according to The New York Times.

The Jewish Journal reports that fans have been thrown out of recent Beitar Jerusalem games for chanting anti-Arab and racist slogans.

The soccer club’s controversial hiring decision prompted a retaliatory arson attack against Beitar Jerusalem’s management offices in early February, according to the Jerusalem Post, and both Sadayev and Kadiev have been greeted with abuse by the fans.

I just don’t get it.

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You Mean There Are Still People Who Think Obama Is A Muslim?

A Muslim in the White House?

Really people?!

Three and a half years into the presidency of Barack Obama, 17 percent of registered voters still believe that he is a Muslim despite the fact that he is a Christian, according to a poll released Thursday by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. Forty-nine percent correctly identified that he is a Christian, while 31 percent of respondents said they did not know.

I don’t know if this is just stupidity or racism or both, since racism requires stupidity anyway. When you take into account that 31% did not know if he was or wasn’t (which by the way is fine if he were), that means 48% still, after all these years and comments by Obama, don’t know Obama is Christian.

Geez Louise.

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Lowe’s Learns That American Muslims Are Indeed American

As American as apple pie.

By now you have heard about the stupid move Lowe’s made when they decided to pull their advertising from the TLC show “All-American Muslim.” The company thought it might would be wise to listen to some bigots who somehow convinced them that associating their brand with Muslims was a bad idea.

Well the bad idea was giving in to that silly bigotry. The response was not at all what Lowe’s expected. A great many people called the chain out for giving in to the worst stereotypes about Muslims. And we haven’t heard the end of it. I don’t think Lowe’s will reverse its decision, though I wish they would. But the most important thing to come out of this is that the message was sent to the original close-minded trouble-makers that though they thought Muslims were an easy target for their hate, they were wrong. A whole lot of people have stood up to say this show and the people in it are as much a part of the American fabric as anyone else.

It’s so nice to see America living up to its principles.

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Muslim-Americans – As American As Anybody Else

Mulsim Americans in prayer.

Getting beyond “race” includes getting beyond religious discrimination as well. And in our post 9-11 world, no religious group has been as profiled as Muslims unfortunately. Here is a an excerpt from an incident just last week:

On Friday morning, Masudur Rahman boarded a plane to attend a conference in North Carolina on Americans’ distrust of Islam. Agents with the Transportation Security Administration had twice screened both Massud and his traveling companion Mohamed Zaghloul and determined that the two men were not a threat, and they were cleared to join all the other similarly screened passengers on the Delta regional flight operated by Atlantic Southeast Airlines.

That’s why it came as a shock to the pair when the staff ordered them to deplane, reportedly because the pilot didn’t want them on board. An Atlantic Southeast spokesman says the airline is investigating the incident, and that the company takes “all allegations of discrimination very seriously.”

Rahman and Zaghloul didn’t arrive at the conference until the evening, and Rahman said he was too stressed by the experience to concentrate on the weekend’s topic of “Islamophobia,” or the fear of Islam.

To read the whole story click here.

Even at our kids’ school, my son said a friend of his, a Muslim girl, had someone come up to her after Bin Laden was killed and said “Sorry to hear about your uncle being killed.” How stupid was that. I hope someone spoke to that kid for being so insensitive and ignorant, and brought it to a teacher’s attention. The girl did tell others what happened.

So as we work on moving forward in our ethnic relations let’s not forget about religious stupidity as well.

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