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Mixed People Monday – Arian Foster


A student of Buddhism and Eastern philosophies.

The Houston Texans running back is half African-American and half Mexican-American.

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So Now Mexican-Americans Are White?


A shift in definition?

So here is more proof that this whole silly notion of “race” is idiotic. I read an article that now says the white population is growing because more Hispanics, who didn’t previously identify as white, did so in the most recent Census in 2010.

This change occurred because the government made a change in it’s concept of Hispanic. In previous years Hispanic was defined as a a “race.” Now it is an ethnicity.

The issue to me isn’t whether this is right or wrong, but that it shows these racial concepts are so arbitrary. So my Mexican-American wife who has never considered herself white by any stretch, is all of a sudden white? Nothing has changed about her. The box that is supposed to define her has changed.

Give me a break. When will we get over these silly notions?

Here is a link to the article on the subject.

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