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These Kids Show Us That We Can Get Past The Racial Polarization

This video is a MUST WATCH. Especially at this time when our country seems even more polarized over the role race plays after the verdict in the Zimmerman trial. Restored my faith in people, our future. It is so so touching.

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Cheerios Ad With Mixed Couple Brings Out The Best and Worst Among Us

I always give major kudos to TV shows and commercials that have the guts to depict mixed relationships and people in ways that show them as normal everyday people. This time Kudos go to Cheerios for this wonderful  commercial.

The bad news is there was such ugly racism posted in the comments section on You Tube for the spot that General Mills had to disable the comments section. Such stupidity among the racists out there. They are just upset that they can’t change what is already a done deal. People do mix. Get over yourselves idiots.

Here is a link to an article on the racist posts that accompanied the commercial. By the way, please note that General Mills said by something like 3 to 1 there were more positive comments. The ugly ones were just so distasteful they didn’t want to leave them apparently. But General Mills promises to not pull the spot over that ugliness. Good for them. Think I better go have some Cheerios.

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AT&T Commercial Joins List of Companies Unafraid To Cast Mixed Couples

Well, TV seems to be on a roll with its use of mixed couples in ordinary ways, which as I have said before, is great, in that they are cast as a normal couple without regard to skin color or ethnicity, which is how it should be and is reflective of what is going on increasingly in our society.

Kudos to AT&T for this one.

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Kudos To JC Penny For Showing Mixed Couple In Commercial

Some of you know I give kudos to movie and TV shows and commercials that are brave enough to show Mixed couples in an ordinary light, treating them as just another couple. Well the latest is JC Penny (or as their new branding calls them, JCP). Their latest spot, which is getting a lot of play, is a fun and colorful spot about back to school shopping. Smack dab in the middle of the video is some mixed couple flirting in a laundromat Check out the video below:

Kudos JCP.

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Way To Go Dodge For Featuring Some Inter-Ethnic Flirting In Latest Spot

I’ve been meaning to post on this for a while but just saw the commercial again, so it reminded me.

Many of you know I like to give kudos to companies that are forward thinking enough to do commercials that feature inter-ethnic or mixed couples, especially when they treat it matter of factly, like it is as normal as anything else. Like it should be.

So this time, Kudos go to Dodge for their Charger commercial that is airing now in the U.S. Here it is. Way to go Dodge and whoever cast the spot.

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