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These Kids Show Us That We Can Get Past The Racial Polarization

This video is a MUST WATCH. Especially at this time when our country seems even more polarized over the role race plays after the verdict in the Zimmerman trial. Restored my faith in people, our future. It is so so touching.

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Here is What A Real Superwoman Looks Like

A true hero.

A true hero.

Saw this on the blog, Mixed American Life, which was reposted from Angry Asian Man. Great comment on a remarkable woman. I heard about her on the news. Wow, she needed to be wearing a cape.

Amidst the reporting around the crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214, one flight attendant has emerged as a hero in the fiery chaos: What made an Asiana flight attendant a hero in SFO crash?

In the moments after the crash, as passengers scrambled to evacuate the wreckage, Asiana flight attendant Ji-yeon Kim reportedly helped to clear the plane, assisting the injured and carrying people as much as twice her size on her back before the whole damn thing went up in flames:

After the plane crash-landed, he said, the captain went on the loudspeaker and told everyone to get off the plane. The crew immediately went to work, opening emergency exits, deploying the inflatable slides and guiding passengers. By then, most people could smell smoke and got off quickly, except for those who were injured, said Mr. Rah, who splits his time between Seoul and Las Vegas, Nev.

One tiny woman, who he said is flight attendant Kim Ji-yeon, stood out to him, because she was helping the injured, “carrying people piggyback” who couldn’t walk. Tears were streaming down her face, he said, as she helped clear the plane only minutes before flames engulfed the passenger cabin.

He copied her name off her uniform nametag, he said, because “she was a hero.”That’s Ms. Kim on the left in the photo above (taken by crash survivor Eugene Anthony Rah), looking like she just finished doing some badass rescuing. More here: The Story Behind a Crash Survivor’s Photo.


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Celebrating America, Warts and All

4th of JulyJust realized I forgot to do a Happy Independence Day post yesterday. So a day late, but here it is. I hope everyone had a great and safe day. The Harris family did and we had a great talk while waiting on fireworks about what makes America great and what makes it not so great. Perfect occasion for the talk. Here’s to hoping we all continue to live up to the promise of America.

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This Blog Will Be Featured Tomorrow On “Mixed Race Radio”

The show's host, Tiffany Reid.

The show’s host, Tiffany Reid.

A special post here to let my friends on here know that tomorrow at 12 Noon Eastern I will be interviewed on the very interesting Blog Talk Radio show, Mixed Race Radio, with host Tiffany Reid. We will be discussing the purpose of this blog, No More Race, as well as related issues. So tune in if you have time.

Here is a link to the show. And of course would love for you to call in and join the discussion.

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Dr. Dre Made A Great Choice In Giving To USC

A great investment.

A great investment.

Read this very interesting commentary last week and just had to comment on it since it involves a larger issue as well as my favorite university. The piece appeared in The LA Times, among other places, and was written by the President of Dillard University, a historically black college. In it the writer questioned Dr. Dre’s decision to donate, along with another music mogul, $70 million to The University of Southern California.

The two music moguls and co-founders of Beats Electronics — recognizing that they needed a new type of creative talent for their growing music technology business — are funding a four-year program that blends liberal arts, graphic and product design, business and technology.

I understood their need to build a pool of skilled talent. But why at USC? Iovine’s daughter is an alum, sure. And he just gave its commencement address. Andre Young — before he was Dr. Dre — grew up in nearby Compton, where he rose to fame as part of the rap group N.W.A. The Beats headquarters are on L.A.’s Westside.

Still, what if Dre had given $35 million — his half of the USC gift and about 10% of his wealth, according to a Forbes estimate — to an institution that enrolls the very people who supported his career from the beginning? An institution where the majority of students are low-income? A place where $35 million would represent a truly transformational gift?

Why didn’t Dr. Dre give it to a black college?

Make no mistake: This donation is historic. It appears to be the largest gift by a black man to any college or university, comparable to the gift Bill Cosby and his wife, Camille, gave to Spelman College in 1988. Some 25 years later, their $20-million gift (about $39 million in inflation-adjusted dollars) is still the largest-ever private gift to a historically black college. Dre gave USC almost triple the amount Oprah Winfrey has given Morehouse College over the years. Sean “Diddy” Combs gave $500,000 to Howard University in 1999, which he attended before launching a successful career.

A hip-hop icon is now the new black higher-ed philanthropy king. We’ve never seen a donation to rival this from any black celebrity — musician, athlete or actor — and that fact must be celebrated.

But as the president of a black college, it pains me as well. I can’t help but wish that Dre’s wealth, generated as it was by his largely black hip-hop fans, was coming back to support that community.

USC is a great institution, no question. But it has a $3.5-billion endowment, the 21st largest in the nation and much more than every black college — combined. Less than 20% of USC’s student body qualifies for federal Pell Grants, given to students from low-income families, compared with two-thirds of those enrolled at black colleges. USC has also seen a steady decrease in black student enrollment, which is now below 5%.

Very interesting. And you can read more of his arguments here. But I have to respond to that on two levels. The first is that Dr. Dre earned his money the hard way. By rising through the ranks of a very tough business. So he has earned the right to put his money wherever he chooses. The other problem with the school President’s argument is that he has no idea what Dr. Dre has possibly already given to black colleges or put back into the black community. Because this donation made news doesn’t mean he hasn’t made less noticeable donations. Granted this is a huge amount of money. But Dre is from South L.A. where USC is so it is not altogether surprising that he wouldn’t support a university close to his base and in the heart of the entertainment capitol.

And the second key for me is that I cannot think of a better university for Dre to give that donation to. My wife and I are major donors to USC and we support that school for reasons that likely Dre does. It is an excellent private institution that puts out some of the best and brightest talent in many fields but especially entertainment. See, most people think USC is only about football. Not true at all. And it gives a lot to the local minority community that it shares the neighborhood with. So I am a bit biased obviously.

But the main thing to me is that too often people, often other minorities, feel they can tell successful minorities what they should do with their success. Freedom and success mean choices. Minorities deserve that benefit as much as anyone else. Sure, giving back is important. But how a person chooses to do that is up to them. Isn’t that what the movement was all about?

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They Fought For All Of Us

A day to remember their sacrifices.

A day to remember their sacrifices.

Remember what this day is about. Honor the heroes of our armed services. People of all colors and cultures have died for our freedom.

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Oklahoma Tornado Tragedy Reminds Us We All Suffer The Same

Reminder that this is what matters.

Reminder that this is what matters.

Sometimes it takes tragedies like the Moore, Oklahoma tornado to make us realize we are all people who just want to live and love. The above photo says it all. No color, no race, no differences.

Here is the story behind the photo.

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High School Hold Its Very First Integrated Prom!

Since I posted about this a while back, I wanted to pass on the update.

Hallelujah, the kids had their first integrated prom – ever! At this rate Georgia may catch up to the times in another 200 years.

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The Power of Good People Crossing Racial Lines

Game changed history.

Game changed history.

This is a great video. Very moving and well worth the few minutes to watch it. Shows the power of sports and of good people who are willing to cross “racial” and ethnic lines.

See the video here.

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Michelle Obama Brings Fun To White House & Jimmy Fallon

While the right wingers and racists (and I don’t always think those two things are tied together) use stuff like this to belittle the President and the First Lady, I have to say I so love those two for being so real. Whatever else is said about them after their term is up, The Obamas showed that a bit of color in the White House sure made it more fun.

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