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Marc Anthony Has To Deal With Bigots Who Think He Is Not American

As American as Apple Pie.

As American as Apple Pie.

I know in America we have the right to be stupid and ignorant, but I swear  I think we should have a basic right as a nation to kick people out that don’t have a base level of intelligence. Latina magazine reported this:

This is crazy! Not only do 11-year-old Mexican-American boys get attacked when they sing songs about the U.S.A., now even big stars do, too. Twitter users took to social to post about their hatred (and flaunted their ignorance, no less) when Marc Anthony sang God Bless America at Tuesday’s MLB All Star game, reports NBC Latino.

(No one is exempt!)

Despite the fact that Marc Anthony is a born-and-bred New Yorker (he grew up in Spanish Harlem), people questioned if they were the only one saw his performance as “un-American” and even questioned his citizenship status. Others focused on his pronunciation, saying he rolled his r’s during the performance for the word “American.”

Here are some of the tweets:

Why is Marc Anthony singing “God Bless America?” He’s not even American. Shoulda got someone sweet like Kesha –  Spencer Babcock (@jakebabcock)

Marc Anthony singing God Bless America on the MLB Allstar Game……….am I the only person that finds that unAmerican – Jerrell Rock Golden (@SirRock1001)

Another disgrace Marc Anthony singing god bless America.Is he even an American citizen? – Brian Edwards (@Dusboy7)

I’m sorry but I just have to say it. Dumb asses.


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Racist Tweets Directed At Hispanic Kid Singing Anthem

I swear I think some people need to be required to get a license to use the Internet. Following the Internet ugliness over the Cheerios commercial that dared show a mixed family, the Internet racists went crazy when a Latino kid, an Hispanic-American, sang the national anthem at the 3rd game of the NBA Finals.

Racist Tweets

And there is plenty more where that came from as you can see here.

But the kid and his family responded with class to the whole thing, pointing out that he IS an American, from San Antonio actually. And kudos to the Spurs for bringing him back last night to stick it to those idiots by having him sing the anthem all over again. Only thing better would have been if he also held up a box of Cheerios at the end.

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Cheerios Ad With Mixed Couple Brings Out The Best and Worst Among Us

I always give major kudos to TV shows and commercials that have the guts to depict mixed relationships and people in ways that show them as normal everyday people. This time Kudos go to Cheerios for this wonderful  commercial.

The bad news is there was such ugly racism posted in the comments section on You Tube for the spot that General Mills had to disable the comments section. Such stupidity among the racists out there. They are just upset that they can’t change what is already a done deal. People do mix. Get over yourselves idiots.

Here is a link to an article on the racist posts that accompanied the commercial. By the way, please note that General Mills said by something like 3 to 1 there were more positive comments. The ugly ones were just so distasteful they didn’t want to leave them apparently. But General Mills promises to not pull the spot over that ugliness. Good for them. Think I better go have some Cheerios.

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Slavery As A Fashion Accessory?

How can they not have known this was wrong?

How can they not have known this was wrong?

Again, what is wrong with some people? From a piece in The Huffington Post:

News Flash: Slavery is not and will never be in vogue!

While most people don’t need such an obvious reminder, this pointed message goes out to Aamna Aqeel. The Pakistani designer has found herself in the middle of a racially charged backlash thanks to her editorial shoot entitled “Be My Slave.”

In the spread, which is published in Diva magazine, a white model is seen dressed in various Ageel designs while being catered to by a dark-skinned little boy who looks a lot like a slave. Our assumptions can’t be too far off considering the title of the story.

Since when did slavery become an appropriate marketing strategy? We’re shocked–as anyone who lays eyes on these images should be. And thankfully we’re not alone.

Good heavens, why would someone have to explain this to that designer. I am missing something. I really am. People cannot be that small-minded. Can they?

Here is the full article I read.

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Sergio Garcia Shows His Racist Side Since He Can’t Beat Woods

He had to go there.

He had to go there.

Good heavens, this was a stupid thing to say:

Sergio Garcia crossed a line Tuesday he never should have toed.

At the European Tour’s annual gala dinner ahead of its flagship event, the BMW PGA Championship in England, Garcia responded to a question asking if he would have dinner with Tiger Woods at next month’s U.S. Open at Merion.

His reply, according to The Guardian: “We will have him round every night. We will serve fried chicken.”

The comment can only be construed as racially charged, particularly if one harkens back to remarks made by Fuzzy Zoeller in 1997 after Tiger Woods won the Masters. Zoeller, the 1979 Masters winner, was asked about Woods’ record-setting performance and injected several racial undertones – not to mention some overtones – into his response.

“That little boy is driving well and he’s putting well,” Zoeller said. “He’s doing everything it takes to win. So, you know what you guys do when he gets in here? You pat him on the back and say congratulations and enjoy it and tell him not serve fried chicken next year. Got it? … or collard greens or whatever the hell they serve.”

I just wish the racists would be creative enough to come up with something fresh, rather than bringing out the same old tired stereotypes. And don’t you just love those non-apology apologies. Here is Garcia’s:

“I apologize for any offense that may have been caused by my comment on stage during the European Tour Players’ Awards dinner,” Garcia said. “I answered a question that was clearly made towards me as a joke with a silly remark, but in no way was the comment meant in a racist manner.”

“May have caused.”

Wow. Here is the full article.

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Being The Only Black Around Can Often Be Hilarious

The experiences of being the only black around can sometimes funny.

The experiences of being the only black around can sometimes be funny.

My son posted this on his Facebook page. I nearly died laughing. Brings back memories of my experiences in class too. Glad he has a sense of humor about it.

Click here for some funny stuff on life as the only black in your class.

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Asian-American Fraternity Dons Blackface In Music Video

My daughter tipped me off to this craziness and I found this article on the excellent blog “Angry Asian Man”:

This is the kind of stuff that makes me shake my fist at the sky and wonder why the hell I ever bother… Over the years, I’ve seen an abundance of racist idiocy involving fraternities, from racist ragers to hate attacks. This is not necessarily a frat thing, so much as it is a dumbass-dudes-doing-dumbass-things-together thing. The latest incident comes from UC Irvine, and it involves an Asian American fraternity.

Oh yes, we Asian Americans are most certainly not immune to perpetuating our share of racist ignorance. The brothers of UCI’s Lambda Theta Delta recently posted a video (at 0:55), in which a member is seen performing inblackface. Like it ain’t no big deal. I don’t care about good or bad intentions, or why this video was made — this is some ignorant shit, and the people responsible need to know it.

Read the rest of his excellent take on this incident here.

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Teacher Says Her Own Racism Is Her Defense Against Fondling Student

Doomed either way.

Doomed either way.

OK this may be the most unique and bizarre defense to a crime I have EVER heard:

A teacher in Texas has invoked her own racism in a defense against charges that she fondled an African-American student in her first grade class at Northwest Preparatory Academy Charter School in Humble.

According to a criminal complaint obtained by the Houston Chronicle, the 7-year-old girl said that 61-year-old Esther Irene Stokes sent all of the other students out of the room on March 1 and then touched her “private part” on the outside of her clothes.

“The victim said that she was in the classroom alone with the teacher and that the teacher touched her on the outside of her clothes, on what she called her ‘private part,’ her vaginal area,” Humble Police Department Detective J. Blanchard explained on Tuesday.

Prosecutors said that after failing a polygraph test, Stokes insisted to Humble police that she had not touched the girl “on any part of her body.”

“She doesn’t like to even touch the black children on their hand, she shies away when they try to hug her — she admitted to being prejudiced,” Blanchard said.

The complaint stated that Stokes “doesn’t like black students because she was prejudiced” and “has little to no interaction” with her accuser.

Wow. Invoking your own racism and cruelty to your students in order to defend yourself from a worse crime. Wow. Either way, this lady should be toast as far as ever being around kids.

Here is the full article.

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Spare Us The Rush To Judgment About The Make-up of the Boston Bomber

As law enforcement and the government sorts through all the evidence to find who is responsible for the bombings in Boston, what we don’t need is a rush to judgment and the seemingly inevitable stereotyping that happens when something like this occurs. We especially don’t need hatred and stupidity like this from Fox News contributor, Erik Rush:

Absolutely stupid thing to say. He needs to be fired.

Absolutely stupid thing to say. He needs to be fired.

Another thing we don’t need is the type of description put out, and reported on CNN,  in the hours after the bombing that police were looking for a “dark skinned or black man with a hoodie who tried to get into a restricted area and averted his eyes and walked away when he was denied access.”

What kind of description is that? If someone was close enough to the guy to notice he averted his eyes, then they were close enough to give more information. Was he tall or short? Fat or skinny? Facial hair or none? Old or young? These are basic descriptors that they surely would have known if close enough to read his eyes. How terribly irresponsible to simply say a dark skinned or black man with a hoodie. That marks a whole lot of people.

At the moment we don’t know who did this – foreign or domestic, black, white or otherwise, Muslim or Christian, Right Wing or Left Wing. Until we get more info, the last thing we need is to demonize whole groups of people based on nothing but stereotypes and speculation.

We know from our history that bombers have come in many colors and creeds.

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Brad Paisley & LL Cool J Should Not Be Punished For Trying To Bring People Together

An Obama supporter, no less.

An Obama supporter, no less.

A lot is being made of the new song made by Country star Brad Paisley and Rapper LL Cool J. The song, titled, “Accidental Racist,” is ironically being called racist by many. Paisley has already been on TV defending the song. Here is what was reported int The Hollywood Reporter:

The country star has just released a duet with rapper/actor LL Cool J, a slow crooning tune that laments how difficult it is to be a white man wearing a confederate flag on his shirt in the south. “To the man that waited on me at the Starbucks down on Main, I hope you understand,” the song begins, “When I put on that t-shirt, the only thing I meant to say is I’m a Skynyrd fan/The red flag on my chest somehow is like the elephant in the corner of the south.”

From there, Paisley offers up half-apologies and mea culpas for the Civil War, slavery and the region’s history of institutional racism, intoning that he should not have to bear the consequences of the South’s brutal past.

“Dear Mr. White Man, I wish you understood,” he raps, “What the world is really like when you’re livin’ in the hood/Just because my pants are saggin’ doesn’t mean I’m up to no good.”

The song has caught flack from around the internet. Gawker called the song “horrible,” and shames Paisley for his complaints about reconstruction, writing, “”Gosh, Brad, I don’t think you’re the one paying for the ‘mistake’ of buying and selling human beings, really.” Meanwhile, The Hairpin calls it “a lyrical disgrace filled with awkward non-apologies and faux-pensiveness over the history of racism in the south.”

Frankly, the line I am most surprised by is the one from LL that says “If you don’t judge my gold chains, I’ll forgive the iron chains.” As if the two types of chains are remotely equal, instead of one being a choice and the other enslavement.

But with that said, I have to say I can’t be too hard on the guys. It is very clear that their intentions were nothing but good. And they took a chance probably knowing the risk. I applaud that. Did they miss the mark with some of what they said? Absolutely. Missed it by a wide mark. But it is so obvious the guys teamed up to try to bring people together.

I applaud them for that. I don’t like all this punishment they are getting from trying to get people to look beyond our covers.

Here is the song:

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