Marc Anthony Has To Deal With Bigots Who Think He Is Not American

As American as Apple Pie.

As American as Apple Pie.

I know in America we have the right to be stupid and ignorant, but I swear  I think we should have a basic right as a nation to kick people out that don’t have a base level of intelligence. Latina magazine reported this:

This is crazy! Not only do 11-year-old Mexican-American boys get attacked when they sing songs about the U.S.A., now even big stars do, too. Twitter users took to social to post about their hatred (and flaunted their ignorance, no less) when Marc Anthony sang God Bless America at Tuesday’s MLB All Star game, reports NBC Latino.

(No one is exempt!)

Despite the fact that Marc Anthony is a born-and-bred New Yorker (he grew up in Spanish Harlem), people questioned if they were the only one saw his performance as “un-American” and even questioned his citizenship status. Others focused on his pronunciation, saying he rolled his r’s during the performance for the word “American.”

Here are some of the tweets:

Why is Marc Anthony singing “God Bless America?” He’s not even American. Shoulda got someone sweet like Kesha –  Spencer Babcock (@jakebabcock)

Marc Anthony singing God Bless America on the MLB Allstar Game……….am I the only person that finds that unAmerican – Jerrell Rock Golden (@SirRock1001)

Another disgrace Marc Anthony singing god bless America.Is he even an American citizen? – Brian Edwards (@Dusboy7)

I’m sorry but I just have to say it. Dumb asses.


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5 thoughts on “Marc Anthony Has To Deal With Bigots Who Think He Is Not American

  1. J says:

    Totally agreed….they are a bunch of dumb asses!

  2. Lisa says:

    Reblogged this on Lisa Writes and commented:
    Crazy thing is that there are people who believe that only White or even Black people that can sing songs about America at sporting events here in America, knowing they look at them as All-American types. Anyone who is Latino, Asian, or Middle Eastern can’t, even if they are American citizens, which is really idiotic. What is up with that? There are stereotypes from some people thinking that they are not All-American for sure. I don’t know about Native Americans singing songs about America in sporting events even though they are originally American. But anyway, Spanish is also a second language in the US, thanks to the Latino population and some states that were once Spanish and Mexican territories.

    As for Marc Anthony singing “God Bless America” at last Tuesday’s MLB Baseball All-Star Game, he’s never faced much racist backlash for singing the national anthem at a Miami Heat basketball game, I think, for sure. Even other Latino singers have performed songs about America in sporting events in our country before with hardly any racial backlash as well like Christina Aguilera during the 2011 Superbowl. But what is also up with that? I mean, Marc Anthony does reside here in the US for sure. I know he’s lived in Miami and LA and yet people have the nerve to post idiotic racist tweets about him singing “God Bless America” during last Tuesday’s MLB All-Star Game? Sure, I’ve got no problem with it but other people in my hometown sure do since I live in Georgia which has one of the most racist tweets in the nation, especially in the Atlanta area where I am from considering there is still racism and ignorance.

    Aside from that, there were also racist tweets against the 11-year-old Mexican-American boy who sang the national anthem during Game 3 of the NBA Finals this year between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs which took place in San Antonio, Texas where the Spurs won. Now those racist tweets against the kid are just as worse as Marc Anthony singing “God Bless America” during last Tuesday’s MLB All-Star Game. And if it were an Asian or Middle Eastern American singing songs about America during sporting events across the country, it’s even worse since Asians and Middle Easterners make up like less than 5% of the US population or so compared to Latinos. I know in San Francisco, California, for example, where I used to live, people would be yelling racism if people were posting bad tweets about Asian Americans singing songs about America during sporting events, knowing people there hate anything racist, including their online newspapers like SF Gate, for instance. Of course, San Francisco is very diverse compared to Atlanta. Same goes for San Antonio, Miami, and LA which makes those cities sound more interesting and fun, especially when people are more integrated versus segregated like Atlanta.

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