Here is What A Real Superwoman Looks Like

A true hero.

A true hero.

Saw this on the blog, Mixed American Life, which was reposted from Angry Asian Man. Great comment on a remarkable woman. I heard about her on the news. Wow, she needed to be wearing a cape.

Amidst the reporting around the crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214, one flight attendant has emerged as a hero in the fiery chaos: What made an Asiana flight attendant a hero in SFO crash?

In the moments after the crash, as passengers scrambled to evacuate the wreckage, Asiana flight attendant Ji-yeon Kim reportedly helped to clear the plane, assisting the injured and carrying people as much as twice her size on her back before the whole damn thing went up in flames:

After the plane crash-landed, he said, the captain went on the loudspeaker and told everyone to get off the plane. The crew immediately went to work, opening emergency exits, deploying the inflatable slides and guiding passengers. By then, most people could smell smoke and got off quickly, except for those who were injured, said Mr. Rah, who splits his time between Seoul and Las Vegas, Nev.

One tiny woman, who he said is flight attendant Kim Ji-yeon, stood out to him, because she was helping the injured, “carrying people piggyback” who couldn’t walk. Tears were streaming down her face, he said, as she helped clear the plane only minutes before flames engulfed the passenger cabin.

He copied her name off her uniform nametag, he said, because “she was a hero.”That’s Ms. Kim on the left in the photo above (taken by crash survivor Eugene Anthony Rah), looking like she just finished doing some badass rescuing. More here: The Story Behind a Crash Survivor’s Photo.


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7 thoughts on “Here is What A Real Superwoman Looks Like

  1. Also, the firefighters need to be commended. They got there in time to find and extract 4 people from the plane before flames engulfed it.

  2. And apparently one of the flight attendants got trapped when the slide inflated partially inside the plane. Some passengers were able to free her.

  3. They briefly touched on this on the radio this morning, but reading it just brings tears to my eyes. How many lives were saved by this woman… it’s just beyond imagining.

  4. ericjbaker says:

    i also read that she (or one of her team members) attempted to make one more sweep of the burning fuselage to make sure no one else was trapped, despite the smoke and flames.

    • Earnest Harris says:

      Just amazing and so inspiring. I always get a kick out of how people think of flight attendants as just waitresses in the sky. Until times like these when you realize they are there to save your butt if needed.

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