Watch This And See If You Still Doubt Racial Profiling Exists

UntitledI saw this video when it ABC TV did this experiment on “What Would You Do?” on racial profiling and discrimination, and the site Upworthy just posted the video again. It is a must watch if you have even the smallest doubt that blacks are racially profiled and treated differently. Amazing and sad to watch at same time.

Here is the link.

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10 thoughts on “Watch This And See If You Still Doubt Racial Profiling Exists

  1. ericjbaker says:

    I wish I could say, “Unbelievable,” but anyone paying attention should expect exactly what happened. Profiling is endemic of our culture.

  2. I love that show. But I think there’s one episode that actually speaks it it even more loud and clear. It was a bunch of “kids” (actors, of course) who were spray-painting and busting out windows, slashing tires, etc, of an abandoned car at a park’s parking lot.

    The basic idea was yes, to show that more people called the police on the black kids instead of the white kids, or reacted stronger to the black kids, etc.

    But the moment that drives it home more than any amount of reaction to the kids themselves… The family of one of the black actors were chillin in a car in another area of the park while this was going on, and someone called the cops on *them*. Just sitting. In their car.

  3. Racial profiling does exist but this is not it. This is racial stereotyping whereas profiling is much more deliberate in nature. With stereotyping we have been given a set of descriptors about certain races and we believe those to be true about all members of the race. It’s not good but is mostly not malicious or premeditated. Many people are taught through media, family relationships, etc. that other races are ‘this way’ or ‘that way’ without even realizing it. Take Honey Boo Boo for example. Is this how all white, country folk act? No. But does the world realize that after watching shows like hers, no. The same could be said for all hicskploitation or blaxploitation shows and movies. They’re simply entertainment but the American mind for some reason doesn’t seem to be able to separate the drama from reality, even when we know it’s dramatized!

    Racial profiling is a devised as a tool for law enforcement (primarily) to single out people based on their race and is much more malicious. Sometimes it has benefits but most of the time does not. One example of a benefit would be how it’s profiled that most African American males will go home to visit their mother. This is how many wanted criminals are caught. It’s not malicious nor harmful but is still profiling. Of course, there are also ways this is misused and I don’t have to elaborate on those.

    • Earnest Harris says:

      Thanks for your comments. I would say though that what happened in the video is a bit of both profiling and stereotyping because I don’t think you can have one without the other. Agreed that profiling usually is done by law enforcement, but in the video some of the people behaved as if they were an arm of law enforcement by immediately notifying the police and in one case attempting to apprehend the “suspect.”

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