Singer Miguel Goes On Twitter Rant And Calls Out Blacks

He spoke his mind.

He spoke his mind.

Well singer Miguel definitely sparked a bit of controversy last week when he went on a Twitter rant saying basically that black people were the “most judgmental people in the world.”


Actually there are some truths in there.

Actually there are some truths in there.

Obviously I don’t agree with what Miguel said as far as blacks being the most judgmental but I get what he was trying to say. He just said it the wrong way. But some of those tweets above show on a deeper level what he was getting at. He is speaking the truth that due to a tough history in this country we as a black community do have a lot of unnecessary infighting and issues to deal with. Like color discrimination within the community for example. So I can’t be mad at him overall for what his point was.

Read the full article on what sparked his rant here.

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2 thoughts on “Singer Miguel Goes On Twitter Rant And Calls Out Blacks

  1. ericjbaker says:

    I’m admittedly overstepping here by responding to comment about a culture to which I do not belong made by a person within that culture, but that never stopped me from opening my big mouth before. Anyway… that’s pretty unfair to a lot of people who don’t fit neatly under such a blanket statement, isn’t it?

    Like when I hear a white male news pundit say, with authority, “White men voted for Romney,” in discussing election results, despite the fact that millions upon millions of us did not. “Stop projecting, mother*****” I shout at the TV. Then my wife gives me stern look and my son laughs.

    • Earnest Harris says:

      You are right. He stepped a bit too far by generalizing. Which is where I disagreed with him. But the root of his arguments were good, that as a community we sometimes, too often I think, let our issues cause us to jump on each other. Problem is his general statement will overshadow his deeper point.

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