Imagine Hating Yourself So Much You Would Discriminate Against Yourself

Would discriminate against his own parents probably.

Would discriminate against his own parents probably.

Ok this guy gets my nomination for idiot of the week: (from The Huffington Post)

A former campaign volunteer to South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) on Friday defended his membership in a group that the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled a white supremacist organization. Roan Garcia-Quintana said the group, the Council of Conservative Citizens, “supports Caucasian heritage” but denied that it is “racist.”

“Is it racist to be proud of your own heritage? Is it racist to want to keep your own heritage pure?” Garcia-Quintana said in an interview with The State newspaper. According to Garcia-Quintana, who is Cuban-American, “racist is when you hate somebody so much that you want to destroy them.”

His comments were made two days before Haley’s campaign formally cut ties with the conservative activist on Sunday, writing in a statement that, “we were previously unaware of some of the statements [Garcia-Quintana] had made, statements which do not well represent the views of the Governor.”

Garcia-Quintana serves on the board of the Council of Conservative Citizens, a group which opposes, “all efforts to mix the races of mankind,” or to “promote non-white races over the European-American people.” It also opposes any attempts “to force the integration of the races.”

The link between Garcia-Quintana and the group was first widely reported last week, months after he had been chosen to be part of a special steering committee to reelect Haley.

Representatives for the Haley campaign initially defended the conservative activist, telling The State in an email that, “there is nothing racial about this Cuban-American’s participation in the political process.” The email, from Haley campaign aide Tim Pearson, noted that Haley is Indian-American.

Garcia-Quintana also runs an anti-immigration group called the Americans Have Had Enough Coalition, which fights what it calls the “Illegal Alien Invasion.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Garcia-Quintana does not consider himself Latino, but a descendant of the Spaniards who settled Cuba. He writes on his professional biography that he was, “made in Havana and raised in Savannah.”

Dude even hates himself for being Latino. Wow.

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4 thoughts on “Imagine Hating Yourself So Much You Would Discriminate Against Yourself

  1. ericjbaker says:

    So anything less than genocide is not racist? Interesting place to set the bar.

  2. Jadon says:

    I’m totally sure he’s wrong about his background… he’s forgetting one solid thing, anyway: we humans all desended from Africa anyway. That’s reminds me of a documentary I saw on National Geographic that really should be mentioned on this blog because it goes well with it’s theme. It’s called The Human Family Tree, and it came out in 2010. It takes an extremely interesting look at human genetics and ancestory and basically shows how we all have common ancestors. It also shows how the concept of race we have is completely nonexsistent and silly, which is actually stated in it. I would totally recommend it to anyone and everyone. If possible, everyone who reads this blog should check it out. It’s amazing.

    • Earnest Harris says:

      Totally true about us all having the same roots. I always find it funny when people say they (or their family) is from Italy or Spain or whatever, and act as if their history started right there at that place. I often say it depends on how far you want to go back. And then as you say, all roads lead to…wait for it, Africa. LOL. That documentary sounds like a must see. I will try to find it. Or if you know the name of it or have a link, pass it on. Thanks for the tip and comment.

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