Mixed Couples In TV Commercials Go Beyond Cheerios

Can't stop love.

Can’t stop love.

Yesterday I posted about the ugliness surrounding the wonderful Cheerios commercial featuring the mixed couple. Today I have to follow that post up with this great piece I saw in The Huffington Post yesterday. It is another jab in the side of those who just can’t stand the march of progress and features several commercials and ads that dare to feature love between cultures and ethnicities.

See the excellent commercials here.

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7 thoughts on “Mixed Couples In TV Commercials Go Beyond Cheerios

  1. ericjbaker says:

    If I can be my usual shallow, crass self for a minute, I’ve had a crush on the woman in the DASO ad since whenever it first appeared in popular media a couple of years ago. I’d pay good money (if I had it) to be her counterpart in the picture. Of course, that would change the dialog to, “Holy crap. did you see the hairy beast that poor girl had to hug? I hope they paid her a lot.”

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