Cheerios Ad With Mixed Couple Brings Out The Best and Worst Among Us

I always give major kudos to TV shows and commercials that have the guts to depict mixed relationships and people in ways that show them as normal everyday people. This time Kudos go to Cheerios for this wonderful  commercial.

The bad news is there was such ugly racism posted in the comments section on You Tube for the spot that General Mills had to disable the comments section. Such stupidity among the racists out there. They are just upset that they can’t change what is already a done deal. People do mix. Get over yourselves idiots.

Here is a link to an article on the racist posts that accompanied the commercial. By the way, please note that General Mills said by something like 3 to 1 there were more positive comments. The ugly ones were just so distasteful they didn’t want to leave them apparently. But General Mills promises to not pull the spot over that ugliness. Good for them. Think I better go have some Cheerios.

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6 thoughts on “Cheerios Ad With Mixed Couple Brings Out The Best and Worst Among Us

  1. jennynilsson says:

    it’s always surprising/amazing how mixed couples can be so provocative to many, more than criminality or drugs or anything else that might be harmful to people. I wish I could say my country was a lot different but unfortunately even though there might be less tensions, you’d probably find the some comments from people hiding behind their computer screens.

    • Earnest Harris says:

      Yeah. I refuse to think there are more racist idiots out there. It’s just that we have the Internet where the cowards can hide behind computers and say all the stupid things they used to keep to themselves before. And unfortunately often negative people are more prone to write than people who support something.

  2. ericjbaker says:

    Just more helpless flailing from the KKK crowd as their ship slowly sinks into the ocean of time. As frustrating as the stupid comments may be, think of how much that commercial eats away at them. and there’s nothing they can do but rant their tiny brains out on the internet.

    Bye. See how long you can hold your breath as you go down, idiots.

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