Slavery As A Fashion Accessory?

How can they not have known this was wrong?

How can they not have known this was wrong?

Again, what is wrong with some people? From a piece in The Huffington Post:

News Flash: Slavery is not and will never be in vogue!

While most people don’t need such an obvious reminder, this pointed message goes out to Aamna Aqeel. The Pakistani designer has found herself in the middle of a racially charged backlash thanks to her editorial shoot entitled “Be My Slave.”

In the spread, which is published in Diva magazine, a white model is seen dressed in various Ageel designs while being catered to by a dark-skinned little boy who looks a lot like a slave. Our assumptions can’t be too far off considering the title of the story.

Since when did slavery become an appropriate marketing strategy? We’re shocked–as anyone who lays eyes on these images should be. And thankfully we’re not alone.

Good heavens, why would someone have to explain this to that designer. I am missing something. I really am. People cannot be that small-minded. Can they?

Here is the full article I read.

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11 thoughts on “Slavery As A Fashion Accessory?

  1. ctfranklin28 says:

    Rational side: I am trying to find one shred of evidence in my brain that this is artistic expression or social expression…Unfortunately, I can’t.

    Irrational side: What the….? Really, come on now…Slavery!

  2. jennynilsson says:

    this is just fucking incredible… there are so many people struggling to decrease injustices in the world and ads like these take our whole development two steps back.

  3. ericjbaker says:

    I think now is the right time for a facepalm.

  4. All these bigots need to be thought a lesson or two…People should know that the dark ages shouldn’t be depicted or represented in any form in this day and age. This should be condemned with all anger and tenaciousness that one could muster. Just like the Holocaust, the act of slavery was barbaric and trying to glorify it is insane.

  5. K.C. Wise says:

    My word…what in the hell is going on with the fashion world??

    • Earnest Harris says:

      Good question. It does seem we are seeing misstep after misstep. Makes you wonder if it is all simple ignorance.

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