Gay Man Shot For No Reason Other Than Hatred

Totally senseless.

Totally senseless.

Well worth lending your voice to. I got this email the other day and of course e-signed the petition. Hope you will as well. Reminds me of what Martin Luther King used to say: “Injustice anywhere (and to anyone) threatens justice everywhere (and to anyone). Parentheses are my additions to his wise words.

32-year-old Mark Carson was walking down a street in New York City on Friday evening when a man came up to him and his friends, yelled “f—ot” and “queer,” and shot him in the head.

Mark’s horrific death was part of a string of anti-LGBT violence in New York City.

Hate crimes are sadly nothing new, but we’ve written an open letter to the mayors of every major U.S. city and all 50 governors to capture the spirit we’re all feeling right now: horror, outrage, and a determination that love will conquer hate even in a moment as awful as this one.

If you agree, sign on to the letter linked here to demand equality now.

Thanks. Bigotry and hatred are just so sad.

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9 thoughts on “Gay Man Shot For No Reason Other Than Hatred

  1. Bigotry and hatred weaken the fabric of our culture. I signed the letter. Thanks for making us aware of it.

  2. ericjbaker says:

    I’ll never understand why people take pleasure in hating others for no reason.

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