The New KKK Looks Just As Silly As The Old One

The new KKK looks like the same fools to me.

The new KKK looks like the same fools to me.

Just heard about this interesting documentary the Discovery Channel did on the “New KKK” and their efforts to portray themselves as a bit more philanthropic.

Give me a break.

Check out this short excerpt from the show.



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16 thoughts on “The New KKK Looks Just As Silly As The Old One

  1. ericjbaker says:

    Have you ever heard so many stupid things at once that you don’t even know where to begin your response? This is one of those times.

    In my version of a Utopian society, everyone follows the scientific method, and everyone values the principles of reason and logic. If they did, there would be no racism, bigotry, religious sectarian violence, or stupid people running around with shiny green hoods.

    • Earnest Harris says:

      Yeah that clip was hard to describe or comment on. So much and so little that can be said. And that green hoodie. What is that all about? Have to admit though, I didn’t even know the Dakotas had a Klan group.

      • ericjbaker says:

        It’s probably about eight people. Any jackass with a sewing machine and access to a fabric store can make a costume and call himself the Grand Poobah of Idiots. Somehow I doubt a sanctioning body exists to affirm his “position.”

      • Earnest Harris says:

        Good point. These people are trying to stay relevant. The bad news is that there are groups much more active than they are these days.

    • ctfranklin28 says:


      I wanted to address your other comment :”It’s probably about eight people. Any jackass with a sewing machine and access to a fabric store can make a costume and call himself the Grand Poobah of Idiots”

      I agree with your comment, but I think you miss the point. The problem is that the KKK has always been a small group. Their influence and the assent of the majority is what led to their continued terror throughout history. When they burned crosses or attacked people, there were plenty of people who were not affiliated with the KKK who were involved (lawyers, police officers, etc.). They just looked the other way.

  2. I think the KKK should just go away. Actually, I don’t think there should be any hate groups at all.

    • Earnest Harris says:

      I’m with you on that. And if they choose to exist which is their right I guess I wish they would all get together and go to some corner of the earth and leave the rest of us, all the non-haters, alone.

    • ctfranklin28 says:

      I wish the same thing. The problem is that love is not the only thing that can bring people together. Fear and hatred, unfortunately can do the same thing.

  3. ctfranklin28 says:

    I saw this post a little too early to really want to make a comment. Really? You run a bake sale and add a little nuanced and presto you have a new image now!

    I think the Black, Whites, Jews, and any other type of person that has been killed, tortured, censored, or terrorized by this group would beg to differ.

    Charles Franklin
    PS If I hold back my detest for 5 seconds, that is a horrible way to “rebrand” a group. Then again, think about what group I am talking about…

    • Earnest Harris says:

      And I love their “new message” which is they don’t hate anyone, they just love white people. Right. How stupid do they think people are?

      • ctfranklin28 says:

        I don’t think that message was intended for people like me.The ironic part about that is that with globalization some of the products used within the KKK group were probably made by the exact people that they hate (excuse me, “don’t like”)

        PS We have got to stop “politically correct” somewhere now. Come on “We’re not bigoted, We just love white people”?

      • Earnest Harris says:

        I still shake my head thinking how strange it is that they think they can pr themselves into a new image. And by wearing a green hoodie instead of a white one.

  4. ctfranklin28 says:

    Reblogged this on This College Dropout.

  5. jennynilsson says:

    disgusting… I can’t get why US don’t put a ban on these groups?

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