Spare Us The Rush To Judgment About The Make-up of the Boston Bomber

As law enforcement and the government sorts through all the evidence to find who is responsible for the bombings in Boston, what we don’t need is a rush to judgment and the seemingly inevitable stereotyping that happens when something like this occurs. We especially don’t need hatred and stupidity like this from Fox News contributor, Erik Rush:

Absolutely stupid thing to say. He needs to be fired.

Absolutely stupid thing to say. He needs to be fired.

Another thing we don’t need is the type of description put out, and reported on CNN,  in the hours after the bombing that police were looking for a “dark skinned or black man with a hoodie who tried to get into a restricted area and averted his eyes and walked away when he was denied access.”

What kind of description is that? If someone was close enough to the guy to notice he averted his eyes, then they were close enough to give more information. Was he tall or short? Fat or skinny? Facial hair or none? Old or young? These are basic descriptors that they surely would have known if close enough to read his eyes. How terribly irresponsible to simply say a dark skinned or black man with a hoodie. That marks a whole lot of people.

At the moment we don’t know who did this – foreign or domestic, black, white or otherwise, Muslim or Christian, Right Wing or Left Wing. Until we get more info, the last thing we need is to demonize whole groups of people based on nothing but stereotypes and speculation.

We know from our history that bombers have come in many colors and creeds.

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5 thoughts on “Spare Us The Rush To Judgment About The Make-up of the Boston Bomber

  1. ericjbaker says:

    Knee-jerk reaction is the opposite of intellectual thought. I’m not talking about Malcolm Gladwell pop science here. I’m talking about looking for someone to blame, pointing fingers, leveling accusations. It’s the same mentality that lead to Jews being sent to NAZI death camps, Japanese Americans being rounded up, McCarthyism, etc. Do we never learn from history? Mob mentality is not justice and never will be.

    • Earnest Harris says:

      Indeed my friend. I am always amazed how incidents like Monday always show people’s true character. The good people respond in heroic and compassionate ways and the idiots can’t help themselves. Their core comes out.

  2. For some reason I thought the ignorance would have poured in for the “it’s the koreans” but I forgot anytime a bomb goes off it’s got some sort of middle eastern signature all over it. You have to love this country we live in assume, blame, target, and shoot asking questions using common sense and investigate later smh.

    • Earnest Harris says:

      That’s a good point. I forgot about the tensions with North Korea being another possible target for blame for this. And of course I did not mention in my post all the nut cases who think our own government did this.

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