Come On People, Here Is What The “Harlem Shake” Really Looks Like

Loved this piece I saw on Racialicious about all this “Harlem Shake” craziness, which I hope is dying out. The bad part of the whole thing was that I think most of the people who took part in the Internet meme had no idea what the real “Harlem Shake” was or looked like. It was not even close to what they were doing. Makes you wonder why they borrowed Harlem and referred to the real “Harlem Shake” in the first place.

Here is what the real Harlem Shake looks like when done by people who know the history of it, and who can actually do it:

Here is the excellent piece on the cultural phenomenon and misappropriation.

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6 thoughts on “Come On People, Here Is What The “Harlem Shake” Really Looks Like

  1. ericjbaker says:

    My joints ache watching it. Especially the girl in the teal sweat shirt. I’d dislocate my shoulder in about 5 seconds. Getting old sucks!

    Any credit to the Soul Train Dance Line?

    • Earnest Harris says:

      I’m telling you. I think most people can’t do the real Harlem Shake simply because it requires the body to do things most of us can’t fathom. And I thought of Soul Train too. LOL

      • ericjbaker says:

        Well, I dance like old people [insert rude comment], so I’ll just leave it to the experts. You’d think, as a drummer, I’d have some rhythm…

        Soul Train invented just about every dance move between 1970 and 1990, including the moonwalk and the robot. Just some school for the youngsters who might be reading.

      • Earnest Harris says:

        Yeah Soul Train was the thing!

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