Anti-Asian Nut Gets His 13 Minutes

Thank God he is not wearing a USC t-shirt.

Thank God he is not wearing a USC t-shirt.

Man there are some real idiots out there. Case in point this guy.

He may have called his video “Totally Not Racist” — but an Indiana student has sparked outrage with a clip where he ticks off his top ten reasons on why he’d hate to be Asian.

Samuel Hendrickson has been blasted for his foul four-and-a-half-minute video where he calmly explains to viewers why he’s glad he is Caucasian.

He lists “looking alike,” sweatshops, a hatred of sushi and “getting double chink eyes” when he gets high as his rationale.

I swear I am starting to have some doubts about the next generation. Read the full story on this nutcase here.

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4 thoughts on “Anti-Asian Nut Gets His 13 Minutes

  1. ericjbaker says:

    I’m sure we could all come up with ten reasons why we’re glad we’re not him.

  2. YouTube: a platform for teenagers to show their lake of respect for anyone but themselves; and to show what’s going on in their uneducated and undeveloped minds.

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