No Place For Bigotry On Left Either

Mitch McConnell and his wife, Elaine Chao.

Mitch McConnell and his wife, Elaine Chao.

As I have said before,we must not make the mistake in believing that liberals cannot be racist.

Progress Kentucky, a Democratic super PAC with its sights on toppling Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), has drawn backlash for a persistent effort to suggest that the senator’s wife’s Chinese roots have led him to embrace anti-American policies.

In a Feb. 14 tweet, the group made a particularly blunt jab suggesting that Elaine Chao, former labor secretary under President George W. Bush and McConnell’s second wife, was encouraging him to support outsourcing jobs to China.


As the full article notes, Progress Kentucky has since apologized for the tweet. But that can’t erase that the thought was in the mind of whomever wrote it. Bigotry and stereotyping is unacceptable whether it is from the Left or the Right.

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4 thoughts on “No Place For Bigotry On Left Either

  1. ericjbaker says:

    Not cool. Besides the implied racism, it stinks of McCarthyism. “You’re not one of us!”

    Policiticans’ family members should be off limits, unless said family member dabbles in politics or injects him/herself into the situation. I don’t believe McConnell’s wife is exactly what you’d call a lighting rod for controversy.

  2. I’m shaking my damn head. I wonder what country Progress Kentucky’s spouse is from?

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