Mixed And Loving It

Comfortable with who he is.

Comfortable with who he is.

Sometimes as a parent it is good to get confirmation that you are doing some things right when it comes to your kids. After all, kids don’t come with an operating manual.

But my son recently did two performances at his high school, one where he did a stand-up comedy routine and another as part of a series of “Saturday Night Live” type sketches. What struck me the most was how ethnically comfortable he was at going in and out of all types of roles, even when spoofing people of different ethnicities. He was called on to do such many times and he was really good at it. It was great to see and also obvious that his mixed background allowed him to draw on insight and experiences others could not. And in his stand-up routine he had no problem talking about and making jokes about being mixed and his Black and Mexican-American background. The audience loved it and he was able to show the joy of being bi-cultural.

OK, I guess my wife and I get a couple of points, for now at least.

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3 thoughts on “Mixed And Loving It

  1. ericjbaker says:

    Teaching your child to accept (and celebrate) people for their differences and embrace diversity probably gave him a good start. You definitely get points for that.

    I don’t get the “circle the wagons” mindset so prevalent in some segments of society. It must be tiring to be afraid of everyone.

    • Earnest Harris says:

      Yeah I think what we are most proud of in our children is how accepting they are of everyone, no matter color, religion, sexual orientation. We couldn’t be happier. Now with that said, they give me plenty of gray hairs for other things!

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