“What Would Django Do?”



Wow these pro-gun people will stop at nothing in their efforts to protect their beloved guns. On the heels of their just-completed “Gun Appreciation Day” last Saturday, in an effort to woo minorities they are planning a new campaign they intend to call “What Would Django Do?”


Larry Ward, the man behind the organization who led “Gun Appreciation Day” and that will lead this new bright idea, said this:

Django is perfect for what we’re trying to do, which is to promote gun rights to minorities. We’ll tackle the issue on the Democrats’ own turf.”

His effort is based on the idea of another fellow who wrote this in an article:

Martin Luther King Jr. applied for a gun permit, but pro-segregation authorities denied him, and he says influential black Americans like Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X argued in favor of the Second Amendment. Slavery in America wouldn’t have existed if blacks were armed, he argues, and in the article he notes that when a Negro Rifle Club was to be organized in Cleveland during the Civil Rights Movement, local racists rioted, even killing a man with a bulldozer.

What a crazy argument. As I said, these people will stop at nothing.

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5 thoughts on ““What Would Django Do?”

  1. ericjbaker says:

    This doesn’t seem to line up with the “Gun violence is the fault of minorities” narrative. Hmmm. They should try to hammer it out before they go public with this stuff.

  2. I find this story very insightful. How times have changed when an organization made up of mostly white men in rural locations use a black character who shoots white enslavers as a promotional tool for their cause. The whole thing makes you scratch your head.


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