“Deception” TV Show Deserves Semi-Kudos

The couple that is not a couple.

The couple that is not a couple.

Well I guess kudos are in order for NBC for its new TV show “Deception.” I always note commercials, movies or television shows that dare to show mixed couples in a positive light and often without making a big deal about the relationship.

In the case of this show, a black female detective, played by Meagan Good, goes back to her childhood hometown to investigate the mysterious death of her childhood best friend, who happened to be white. The detective sort of picks up again a flirtatious relationship with the girl’s brother, played by Wes Brown, and we also see that as teens they did have a relationship.

So far nothing is made of the color difference. Good. However I do have to say, the show is stereotypical in that Good’s character is a working stiff who knows the family because her mother was a maid for the wealthy white family. So she doesn’t come across as their equal in the way it is written.

Too bad that is the backstory they came up with to explain her relationship to her old best friend. But I still give them credit for showing the mixed relationship in prime time.

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4 thoughts on ““Deception” TV Show Deserves Semi-Kudos

  1. I’ll count my blessings with the little bits of progress as they roll in.

  2. Moni Donald says:

    In the show hurts me a lot when death of Meagan childhood best friend…

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