Mixed People Often Lead The Way

The wife and kids.

The wife and kids.

I keep reading stories of the “tragic mulatto,” the term that used to describe a mixed person suffering from being lost between cultures, though then it was referencing primarily black and white. And I don’t know if it is just that we are lucky that we live in the very ethnically diverse California and Los Angeles area, or something else, but our kids, so far at least, have experienced none of these so called problems of being mixed. In fact they have turned out to be the most well-adsjusted kids I could ever want. Indeed they both, one 15 and one 14 years of age, are fantastic examples of what being mixed can do for someone when it comes to them accepting everyone and being able to blend in and out of different cultures with absolute ease. They love being two cultures and being more rather than being less.

I know life in other places isn’t the same as here, so I am not ignoring that reality for some others. But I also think it is important that people stop trying to make it sound like all mixed kids and people deal with identity confusion because I know firsthand that that is not always true. And as my “Mixed People Monday” posts on this blog also show, mixed people are very much overrepresented in areas of sports success, entertainment, business, you name it.

So much for mixed cultures or ethnicities being a hindrance. The opposite seems to be true.

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4 thoughts on “Mixed People Often Lead The Way

  1. ericjbaker says:

    Good-looking family! I doubt anyone would read suffering on those smiling faces.

  2. TheGirl says:

    Yeh like Othello…another tragic mulatto or Black dude.

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