Another Year of Getting Beyond Racial Classifications

Hailee Steinfeld

So what is she?

Here’s to 2013 being a great year for all of us and to it being a year when we see our society and world get ever closer to the silly and outdated notion of “race” as a divider becoming meaningless, or at least less so.

Hailee Steinfeld, above photo, symbolizes the idiocy of “race.” Hailee’s maternal grandfather, Ricardo Guillermo Domasin, was born in Los Angeles, in 1938. Ricardo’s dad, Peter L. Domasin, was born in 1904 in the Philippines (his own mother’s maiden name was Lorisca). Ricardo’s mother, Evelyn Olivia Bain, was born in Los Angeles, in 1910; she was Hailee Steinfeld’s great-grandmother. Evelyn was African-American, and she and her parents, Thomas Edward Bain and Wilma “Willie” Peterson, are listed as either African-American or Mulatto in every census. So what “race” would that make Hailee?

Simply human.

Looking forward to 2013 and plenty more blogging.

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