ESPN Host Talks Crazy Racial Ignorance About RG3

This is one of the most ignorant foray into ethnic analysis I have ever seen on a sports program.

Rob Parker, on ESPN’s “First Take” was trying to explain why he has problems with Robert Griffin III, D.C.’s black quarterback, who just the day before rightfully said he “refused to be defined by race.”

Talk about making a fool of oneself.

Here is an article on what RG3 said that sparked that ignorance. It is an excellent statement on ethnicity and sports.

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4 thoughts on “ESPN Host Talks Crazy Racial Ignorance About RG3

  1. I completely agree: I can’t believe those words came out of his mouth in the year 2012. RGIII and even Tiger Woods were basically saying they didn’t want to be defined by their race. They have accomplished a lot in their respective sports and should be celebrated for that and race shouldn’t even be an issue. I feel like racism is more promenient between blacks than it is between white and blacks. The Gabby Douglas hair issue shows this: no white person would make a comment about her hair or even notice anything about it, but the black community brought it up. Also, there’s seems to be an issue between light skinned and dark skinned African Americans. I don’t understand why going against stereotypes makes a person “not down” with this race…

    • Earnest Harris says:

      Indeed it was a crazy comment. More amazing to me that he said it out loud and on national TV. I wouldn’t say “racial” stupidity is more prominent among blacks than blacks & whites but I agree that there are definitely issues within the black community that we have to admit are there. Regardless of their root cause, they have to be dealt with because it is true sometimes we stand in our own way.

  2. Sam Loy says:

    I would’ve loved to hear what that other guy was going to say in rebuttal. It sounded like he was about to take him to school.

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