In London, Whites Are Now A Minority

A change in the guard symbolizes a bigger change.

A change in the guard symbolizes a bigger change.

America is not the only country that is in the midst of an ethnic shift from being majority white (though that change is not expected here until about 2050). In London, whites are now the minority. According to The Financial Times:

White Britons no longer make up the majority of people in London for the first time, according to the latest census data which pointed to a cosmopolitan capital increasingly divergent from the national economy around it…

The surge of immigration has been especially striking in London, where more than one in three people — 37 per cent — were born outside the UK.

Only 45 per cent of London’s population were white people of English, Scottish or Welsh heritage, according to the latest data, down from almost 60 per cent in 2001.This makes London the first UK region where white ethnic Britons have become a minority.

The top source of new migrants to England and Wales overall for the decade was India — supplanting Ireland in the decade to 2001 — while the second-biggest source was Poland. In the 2001 census, Poland did not make the top 10.

Of course this shift is about one city in England but it is a striking occurrence since London is of course the marquee city in that country.

The Australian, a leading media source down under, also reported this from the same Census news:

The results, published yesterday, also show that the number of mixed-race people has doubled to top a million for the first time.

The changing face of Britain has been highlighted during the past decade with the prominence of mixed-race sports personalities such as Lewis Hamilton and Jessica Ennis. From small-market towns such as Boston to cities such as Birmingham, many parts of the country are home to increasingly mixed communities…

The London statistics include 102,000 mixed white and Asian people; 119,000 mixed white and black Caribbean; 119,000 other mixed; 542,000 British Indian; 224,000 British Pakistani and 222,000 British Bangladeshi.

Gotta love diversity.

Here is the full story in The Financial Times and here is the full piece in The Australian.

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