Ann Coulter Now Blames Hispanics

Most divisive nominee.

Most divisive nominee.

Ann Coulter can’t help herself. Now instead of advising the Republican party that it is in their best interest to court the Hispanic population considering that group almost single-handedly handed Obama the White House, she is instead attacking Hispanics.

In a column she wrote a few days ago, in which she made fun of the Spanish language by titling it “America Nears El Tipping Pointo” she said this:

…Hispanic immigrants, who — because of phony “family reunification” rules — are the poorest of the world’s poor.

More than half of all babies born to Hispanic women today are illegitimate. As Heather MacDonald has shown, the birthrate of Hispanic women is twice that of the rest of the population, and their unwed birthrate is one and a half times that of blacks.

That’s a lot of government dependents coming down the pike. No amount of “reaching out” to the Hispanic community, effective “messaging” or Reagan’s “optimism” is going to turn Mexico’s underclass into Republicans.

She then takes it further with this gem:

…contrary to stereotype — Hispanics are less likely to be married, less likely to go to church, more supportive of gay marriage and less likely to call themselves “conservative” than other Americans.

Rather than being more hardworking than Americans, Hispanics actually work about the same as others, or, in the case of Hispanic women, less.

Yeah, if Republicans keep thinking like Coulter, Democrats may have permanent control of the White House.

Read her full column here.

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