College Girls In Blackface Find Humor In Perpetuating Black Stereotypes

This is just sad. And maddening at the same time. Two young girls from The University of Minnesota – Duluth decide to have some fun while wearing black facial mask. Problem is it just isn’t funny unless you find using ethnic stereotype jokes about people funny. But worth watching I guess, to get an idea of how stupid some people can be, even the young college generation.

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6 thoughts on “College Girls In Blackface Find Humor In Perpetuating Black Stereotypes

  1. IzzieJ says:

    I agree with you. I’m not amused. It’s tacky!-Izzie J

  2. ericjbaker says:

    Those girls humiliated and embarrassed themselves on so many levels. On top of the racism and ignorance on display, their “skit” is nonsensical. Their words are nonsensical. Their bizarre voice affectations are nonsensical. Their appearance is nonsensical. I admit I’m basing these comments on the first minute, because that’s all I could take. If I were their academic advisor, I would strongly encourage them not to go into the performing arts.

    How could two such profoundly stupid people get into college? The mind reels.

    • Earnest Harris says:

      I hear you. I forced myself to watch the whole thing but believe me it was really hard to. Just made me sad that people can act that way. Made me wonder how often stuff like that goes on when no camera is on.

      • ericjbaker says:

        If we can put a positive spin on it, perhaps holding this up for everyone to see (as you’ve done) will show others how stupid, embarrassing, and painfully unfunny this kind of behavior is.

        Seriously, folks, do you want to be in any way affiliated with those two clowns?

      • Earnest Harris says:

        Indeed that is why I post these things, to show people that this stuff still goes on and also to shine a light on ignorance.

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