“Stand Your Ground” Law Is Simply Dangerous

A bad law.

A bad law.

Seriously Florida?

Something is wrong with this state. Really.

A Florida man appeared in court on Wednesday to face charges in the shooting death of an apparently unarmed black teenager in a case putting Florida’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” law back under the U.S. media spotlight less than a year after the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Michael Dunn, 45, is being held without bail on charges of second-degree murder for the Friday night shooting of Jordan Davis, who was also 17.

According to authorities, Dunn pulled into the parking lot of a Jacksonville, Florida, gas station alongside the SUV where Davis and three friends, all of them young African Americans, were listening to music.

Dunn asked them to turn their music down and, after an apparent exchange of words with Davis, he produced a gun and fired eight or nine shots at the SUV. At least two of the bullets hit Davis, causing his death.

Until I know more information I don’t want to conclude that this is about racism, a la Trayvon Martin, but it sure is a sign that this whole “Stand Your Ground” crap is rife with problems and too easily used by people with issues.

Here is the full article.

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4 thoughts on ““Stand Your Ground” Law Is Simply Dangerous

  1. DUH'Merica says:

    I’m a Florida native and you are correct, there is plenty wrong with Florida. I’m white, but fortunately I grew up with a wide variety of friends ranging from white, black, asian, greek, latin, etc. There are plenty of racists in Florida, especially towards the middle of the state away from the major cities. In my experiences, I think a lot of white people are terrified of young, black males and, excuse my word choice, but jump the gun with situations like this. While I can’t speak for the guy involved here, I’m willing to bet if it were a couple young white kids, they would still be alive. Florida really isn’t a bad state though, a lot of the people causing problems in our state came from somewhere else. We have a huge transient population.

    Stand your ground needs to be seriously looked at and modified.

    • Earnest Harris says:

      Thanks for your comment. I don’t mean to imply that everybody in Florida is crazy and I do know it is a beautiful state. It just seems so many crazy news stories are coming out of Florida lately, from this one and Trayvon Martin to the whole voting mess to the Casey Anthony story, just to name a few. You’re right though, maybe a lot of the crazies are transplanted crazies. And I do know we get our fair share here in California.

  2. This travesty is another unfortunate page in the book – U.S. Culture of Violence.
    Abagond also wrote about this in his article “Jordan Davis”

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