White Supremacists Have The Right To Be Wrong

Kevin MacDonald, the man at the center of the controversy.

OK, I must admit this is a tough one. The video below is of a professor here in the L.A. area who is another of those who advocates that whites are losing their rights and need their own advocacy group. Some have called for his removal from his position at Cal State – Long Beach because they consider him a white supremacist.

But I have to say unless there is more to what he is saying, I am not sure that is a just course of action. I do believe he has a right to say what he thinks as long as he does not step into the area of putting others down or advocating violence of any sort. And I must admit though, I have not read anything else about this man so maybe he does have some pretty ugly things out there. But watch the video and see what you think:

My greatest issue with the professor isn’t that he feels the need to form such a group, but that his argument is simply wrong. The problem with his group and the basis of his philosophy is rooted on a broad definition of what it means to be white. That somehow, having white skin connects all whites. Simply not true historically or currently. But again as long as the professor’s ideas or not being pushed on students or in his classroom, he is every right to be wrong in his belief.

Here is a link to a written article on the professor.

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3 thoughts on “White Supremacists Have The Right To Be Wrong

  1. ericjbaker says:


    This is too outlandish for a civil response, so I choose to laugh instead.

  2. Professor MacDonald can take his European-American self back to Europe where he came from. He is occupying Amerindian land and is from a long line of oppressors and thieves of Native American land, Mexican land, African people and African-American labor. Not to mention that the ideology of white supremacy in the U.S. has demonized black and brown people, perpetuated Jim Crow into the war on drugs and stop & frisk and created the largest prison industrial complex in the world. People are scared of white pride groups because they have a legacy of abusing their power. I don’t want to hear his wining about the poor whites when it’s his ethnic group (the newly created ‘white’ ethnic group) that choose to be abusive and to use their white privilege to get mortgage approvals and business loans while at the same time denying people of color equal access.

    • Earnest Harris says:

      No really Glenn, what do you really think of the Professor? šŸ™‚

      I hear you my friend. I just have a hard time saying he doesn’t have a right to espouse such nonsense, as much as I hate hearing it.

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