False Racist Attack Is A Grave Injustice

The scene of the alleged racist attack.

I have to say I wondered about this when I first read about it. I don’t know why, but for some reason it seemed fishy to me, which is why I didn’t write about it.

From an article in The Huffington Post:

Tuesday afternoon police reported that they now believe Louisiana woman Sharmeka Moffitt’s story about being lit on fire in a race-related attack was fabricated. Police now believe that she wrote “KKK” and “n—er” on her car and lit herself on fire.

The Franklin Sun reports that Moffitt’s fingerprints were found on the cigarette lighter and lighter fluid recovered in the wooded area near the crime scene. The writings on the car, written in toothpaste, were linked to female DNA.

Police Chief Lester Thomas said that regardless of the outcome, this tragic event is still a heavy burden, according to The Franklin Sun. Franklin Parish Sheriff Kevin Cobb added: “Although I think what she did was wrong and had major consequences not only for her, but throughout our community and our country, there’s something wrong here, and we need to help individuals like this. In the same way our community came to support her as a victim, I still hope the community will support her emotional and physical recovery.”

When I first read about it, I thought immediately of the Tawana Brawley case in New York, which I did write about when I was living in New York years ago. That too was a case of a black woman who was purportedly attacked by racist whites and had a racial epithet scrawled on her body. Turns out she did it to herself. Even Al Sharpton got caught up in what was a huge story at the time.

Neither of these incidents means that ugly racism doesn’t happen to people. In fact this kind of fraud is rare. As are the cases when whites have done bad things and blamed fictitious blacks. But it sure is a horrible thing to do because it really does make the many real charges of ignorance and discrimination questionable to some.

Maybe this woman has a mental problem, because who else would want the pain of burning, but if she does not, she should be arrested for wasting the police’s time with this false report, and morally for the damage to real racism claims.



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4 thoughts on “False Racist Attack Is A Grave Injustice

  1. “Maybe this woman has a mental problem”

    Funny, first thing I thought of was the several Tibetan monks who have set themselves on fire this month in protest of Chinese rule. All I could think was, what a sad world we live in where it takes this kind of drastic protest to get people’s attention. 😦

  2. Susan Smith is another example.

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