Redskins Name An Insult To Native Americans

Why is this ok?

I have been saying for years that Washington, D.C.’s football team needs to change its team macot name, “Redskins,” to something that is not a direct slur for Native Americans. Unfortunately, not enough people get worked up over this slur being used every football game in a public way and over the air. But I am glad to see that a couple of papers have weighed in on the issue. This is from an article from Yahoo Sports:

There’s long been arguments about the political correctness of the Washington Redskins’ nickname — some feel that it is a pejorative term, and many Native Americans find it offensive. The “Redskins” nickname was given to the team in 1933 by then-owner George Preston Marshall, supposedly in recognition of head coach Lone Star Dietz, who may have been part Sioux. That Marshall was a known and avowed racist who greatly opposed the integration of the NFL doesn’t do a lot for the argument that the team’s nickname is an innocent conceit.

According to the article, The Kansas City Star has long since stopped referencing the team’s name in its reports, but now a local D.C. paper has also changed their policy:

The Washington City Paper has decided to use the term “Pigskins” instead of “Redskins” when writing about the home team. The Washington City Paper is an alternative weekly with a circulation estimated in 2009 at 71,000. The new name was decided by a poll of the paper’s readers.

By the way the nickname or mascot name the paper is going with is Pigskins. Aw hell, now there’s something else to complain about. Bad choice. But I do think that is better than the current team’s name.An editor at The Kansas City Star said it best about the craziness of having an NFL team with a name like “Redskins” which was definitely used in a derogatory manner when used back in the day:

…Ifind it inconceivable that the NFL still allows such a patently offensive name and mascot to represent the league in 2012.

I couldn’t agree more.

Here is the full Yahoo Sports story.

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6 thoughts on “Redskins Name An Insult To Native Americans

  1. Amen. The term ‘Red Skins’ is a way to ‘other’ Amerindians and continue the U.S. legacy of disregard, disrespect and dehumanization of First Nations Peoples. Not to mention that their skin is not red (like a devil), their skin is GOLDEN.

  2. As an immigrant (from Ireland) I cannot understand why otherwise civilized people can be so uncivil. A standing insult to an entire limb of the human corpus stretching from Mongolia to Tierra del Fuego. How can you otherwise polite people, my friends (I live in the Washington DC area), ally yourselves to a very ugly racial slur? It shames and belittles the USA in the eyes of the world. You are smaller because of it.

  3. I just refer to them as ‘The Slur’ – I think it is a more apt name than ‘The Pigskins’

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