White Student Union At Towson State Is Just A Cover For Bigotry


So who sponsors this group, the KKK?

This guy’s agenda is so transparent.

The student behind a controversial White Student Union at Towson University claims that the group is necessary to fight “inherent anti-white bias in academia and mainstream society.”

The group, started by Towson senior Matthew Heimbach, has sparked a debate about the balance between students’ First Amendment rights and clamping down on what many have condemned as racism at the Maryland University.

Proof of his agenda is that apparently Heimbach is a “white nationalist” and has before tried to spark ethnic divisions and tensions. He is the former leader of Youth for Western Civilization, a right-wing group that gained significant media attention after their public displays against same-sex marriage and Sharia Law.So his supposed reasoning for the group rings very hollow.According to him:

Every single other ethnic group has an advocacy group for themselves. We have a black student union, a Hispanic student union, an Asian student union. We have groups for every other group of people except for white students. So if white students are allowed to come together and advocate for our own best interests simply would bring us into the realm that every single other group is allowed.

People like him for some reason like to ignore, or pretend they don’t understand that on a majority white campus or in a majority white country, cultural minority groups form simply as a means of support when the larger community might not understand or recognize their culture. I doubt the white culture at Towson is not adequately represented. Thus groups like this white students’ union are proposed as a way to strike back, not because whites are not being understood, respected or represented adequately.

Further proof that this group’s mission is just to stir up trouble is that their first speaker was a renowned “racial separatist who advocates the “races” as he calls it, keeping apart, and that our multicultural society is in trouble precisely because we are too multicultural.

Hmm. Doesn’t sound to me like a group formed to be a positive voice on campus. Here is a link to one article and here is another, with a long interview at the bottom of the article with the group’s founder, the “racial separatist” and some black intellectuals. Worth watching when you get time.


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4 thoughts on “White Student Union At Towson State Is Just A Cover For Bigotry

  1. I support it! This article is racists.

    • Earnest Harris says:

      Out of curiosity does it matter to you that the organizer of the student group is an avowed separatist and that their first speaker is a well-known “racial” separatist who believes that people of different ethnicities cannot live together in harmony?

  2. I’ve never seen a group that chose the word ‘White’ to have in it’s name that was not racist.
    Earnest you are correct. Americans know that in the U.S., in a country built on oppressing non-whites, and with movements of White pride, White racism and embedded White privilege it is certainly a racist notion to have any sort of White club. However, there can be clubs that celebrate individual cultures for people of less color.

    • Earnest Harris says:

      That is, I think, the main point, which one of the speakers did point out in the interview on the Huffington Post, that a celebration of a particular culture is one thing, say an Irish-American Club, or Franco-American Club, is clearly a celebration of a commonality. But a White Club is just about separation and a seeming means to settle a grievance, as you say, often a sense of a losing entitlement for those of the same skin color. For them to try to say it is the same as an African-American club, or Hispanic-American club, which on college campuses, usually represent smaller populations, is a ridiculous and transparent justification.

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