Racist Comment On First Lady Just Blows My Mind

Michelle Obama

Once again, I have to ask, Really?

During the Creston Classic Rodeo in Creston, Ca., the announcer reportedly joked over the loudspeaker that “Playboy is offering Ann Romney $250,000 to pose in the magazine, and the White House is upset about it becauseNational Geographic only offered Michelle Obama $50 to pose for them.”

What is amazing and scary is that this guy (by the way later reports say it was a Rodeo Clown who was joking over the PA system not the announcer) thought it was safe to say this in front of a crowd of strangers. Maybe he thought people who go to rodeos were all anti Black or something.


“I was really appalled and the people around me were really appalled,” spectator Dona Wilson told the San Luis Obispo Tribune. “He was acting like we were buying into his bigotry and we weren’t.”

Man you wonder what people like that clown say in privacy when they feel comfortable being ignorant and stupid in front of strangers.

Read the whole story here.

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