Asian Prejudice Still OK To Some

Hollister needs to be more careful about who they hire.


For whatever reason, people who otherwise might know it is not OK to make fun of Blacks or Hispanics, sometimes think it is perfectly OK to make fun of Asians.

From an article on The Huffington Post about a promotional event in South Korea using some American models:

Hollister had brought in four models for the marketing event that lasted from August 30 until September 2, according to koreaBANG. But, customers soon discovered that a couple of the models had posted offensive pictures to their Twitter accounts. One photo features a Hollister model standing in front of Gyeongbokkung Palace, squinting his eyes and making peace signs with his fingers. When one commenter remarked on how many Asians had liked the photo, he responded, “Hahahaha they ruhhvvvv itttt!”

There’s more. Read about it here.

We have got to do better people.

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