Olympic Athlete Banned Over Racist Tweet? That Is Nonsense

All that training ruined over a tweet.

This is one of those cases where I personally think this is overreacting.

A Greek athlete was removed from her Olympic team because she posted an unfunny and some think “racist” comment on her Twitter page.

She tweeted:

With so many Africans in Greece … at least the West Nile mosquitos will eat homemade food!!!

The tweet, put in context with her apparent support for some anti-immigrant groups in Greece, may well have been a sign of bigotry, but it is not a good sign when we have reached a place where just posting one’s thoughts, at least when no physical threats or discrimination is involved, should disqualify them from competing in a once in a lifetime competition.

I think that anyone that wanted to boo her for her posting, or choose to disassociate from her or hold back cheering for her, would have sent the message to her and those with thoughts like that, that good people disapprove of such statements and mindsets. Kicking her off the team completely, for that Tweet, seems a bit draconian.

Besides I prefer to know when I am watching or reading an ignorant person. These kinds of punishments will only cause people like her to be secretive about how they really feel. And I suppose it is possible, she simply told a bad, poor taste joke. Either way, she should have been allowed to compete.

Here is a link to the full story.

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4 thoughts on “Olympic Athlete Banned Over Racist Tweet? That Is Nonsense

  1. Ordinarily, I would agree with you, but this is the OLYMPICS we’re talking about. It’s supposed to be about respect and unity. I completely understand Greece not wanting her to represent their country. Disrespectful or racially insensitive comments have no place in the Olympic Games. Remember the standing ovation Jesse Owens received at the 1936 Berlin Olympics in Nazi Germany? If the spirit of the Games can overcome that kind of rabid bigotry, should we expect any less in this day and age?

    • Earnest Harris says:

      Yeah, I do get where you are coming from on this one. But I just think in the case of this tweet, it just doesn’t seem to me to rise to the level of banning her from the Olympics. Now Greece may know of other things she has said or been associated with so of course that is their call. But I have a feeling there are lots if athletes in the Olympics who have said privately and publicly things much worse than this. I think a lot of people are just slow to realize that what they tweet and post on Facebook can really mess them up in this age.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. I agree with you Earnest. Not allowing her to compete isn’t the way to go. Although I found her comment to be “non-offensive” I’m sure others would disagree……but banning her? Hmmm. Too harsh.

    • Earnest Harris says:

      Yeah it’s a tough one. I think we as a world society we have to be willing to accept that people will sometimes say and do stupid things, even offensive things. And if we go to the harshest punishment every time, I am not sure in the long run it will help.

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