The Solution To Racism Is To Ignore It?

Carl Crawford needs to plug his ears and racism will go away.

I’m always amazed when people say things like this:

As long as we keep talking about racism, it’ll never go away. … There’s some people who walk through this world and can’t help but hear those sort of things.

This was a comment made by a caller on a sports radio talk show regarding one Black player mentioning being racially heckled during a baseball game. The player was wrong for hearing the racist taunts. How is that for backwards logic. No comment about the stupid person for saying vile things, but by hearing it and mentioning the fact that it happened, the player is promoting racism.

And as I said, I have read or heard of comments like this before. The idea that if we don’t ever talk about racism, then it will cease to exist. Wrong.

I agree talking about or crying about racism when it does not exist hurts the cause e of equality, but denying its existence doesn’t do any good either.

Ironically, in the case of the ballplayer,Carl Crawford, he actually responded to the situation with total class and only mentioned the heckler in response to a question put to him. In essence, he tried to ignore the taunts. Taunts are part of sports. Being racially taunted shouldn’t be. And people who do that, should be put out of the stadiums. This is not European soccer where fans are well known for ethnic taunting.

Pretending we don’t hear it is not the solution. Letting people who discriminate or hate know that good people will not accept their behavior, is the only solution. Make them uncomfortable espousing their stupidity in public. Sure we have free speech, but that shouldn’t mean you can target people for their skin color, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation and think no one cares.

Let them know we hear you, will call you out and will, by continuing to shine light on the ignorance, make this world a better place. Silence is never the answer for blatant ignorance. Here is the story on the incident with the baseball player.

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One thought on “The Solution To Racism Is To Ignore It?

  1. “Letting people who discriminate or hate know that good people will not accept their behavior, is the only solution.” <- that

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