Kraft Thinks Being Mixed Equals Misery

I have to admit, I don’t really know what I think about these commercials. Part of me is undeniably offended by the spots about this new Kraft food, MilkBite Bars, which are sold as a mix of milk and granola. Part of me says, hey, it’s just a commercial. But the problem is that the geniuses behind the campaign, and there are several commercials, decided that the best way to sell the product was to create a character that is miserable because he is mixed with the two things.


Why does he have to be miserable being mixed? Why can’t he have been more positive, reveling in the fact that he is both, making a great new taste sensation. Seems rather strange to me to sell a product with an unhappy, tragic character.

And it sure feeds into the stereotype of the tragic mixed person, lost between two cultures. I know this is only a food item, but I can’t help but wish Kraft had made a better choice, one that showed their mixed food item positively, not negatively. What is clear from the series of spots, which are below, is that clearly someone in the ad company is definitely using the idea of mixed people as the basis for the character. And clearly that person or persons feel mixed must mean confused.

Get with it Kraft. Here’s to these ads dying a quick death. The product may be great. The commercials suck and are insulting.

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2 thoughts on “Kraft Thinks Being Mixed Equals Misery

    • Earnest Harris says:

      I agree Glenn. I know not many will be bothered by these commercials, but on principle, I cannot buy their products as long as these spots continue.

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