“The Hunger Games” Crowd Getting Upset Again Over Casting A Non-White

The next Hunger Games controversy.

Oh boy.

The Hunger Games crowd, fresh off their confusion and ugliness over the casting of Mixed or Black actors in key roles from the first book, are already working up a lather over possible casting for the second movie and book. A key character in the second and third books is a supposed hunk named Finnick Odair.

Though, once again, the author of the book series, Suzanne Collins, made a point of not ascribing an ethnicity to a key character (she describes him as tan with green eyes in the book) that didn’t stop many White readers from assuming he must be White. So when there is a great deal of talk about TV heartthrob Jesse Williams, from Grey’s Anatomy, a Mixed person (some assume African-American though that is not the full picture, his mom is Swedish, his Dad African-American) getting the part, needless to say, some of the racists have already started arguing that he cannot be Finnick. They see Finnick as White of course.

This is just another example of how people just can’t help themselves sometimes with their biases. The author never said he was White. That is just the assumption of those who can only imagine such a good looking character, one the women fall for in the book, being White and nothing but.

Get over yourselves people. Here is the article on the brewing storm.

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