Usain Bolt Is Not Fast Enough To Outrun Bigotry

The fashion designer and the track star.

People really need to get over themselves.

Track superstar, Usain Bolt, is under fire in Jamaica with his black countrymen and women because he dared date a White woman.

When will people stop making a big deal over this.

From the British online newspaper, Mail Online:

The world’s fastest man has been dating fashion designer Lubica Slovak for six months and the relationship is described as ‘very serious’.

But that is the beginning of the story. It goes on:

But 25-year-old Bolt has come in for criticism from fellow black Jamaicans unhappy that he has chosen a white partner.

The sad part of this story though is that it looks like Bolt may have given in to the pressure and criticism. Reports out today say the sprinter has decided to break up with the Slovakian-born fashion designer. He claims to be doing so to focus on his track career, but the timing seems suspiciously like it is related to the brouhaha in Jamaica.

Too bad. The idea that people of different ethnicities simply might be in love is beyond the mental capacity for some. People like that always think such relationships are just superficial.

Get over it people. Whenever and wherever people find love, good for them. And your and my opinions about it should have no bearings. Find your own happiness.

Unfortunately when people like Bolt cave in to these pressures it only makes these folks feel more empowered to say what they think. I hope Bolt finds the courage to date whomever he wants. If he doesn’t, being the fastest man on earth won’t allow him to run away from people who want to tell him who he should be allowed to fall in love with.

Here is a link to the article on the controversy of their dating.

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