Mixed Couples In The Forefront This Week On TV And In Film

Kerry Washington stars in the new hit show.

Considering the power and influence of the media, especially television and film, I always give kudos to films, shows and commercials I come across that feature Mixed couples and that treat such relationships as normal and not a big deal.

This week I have to give props to three shows. One is the surprisingly popular, Think Like A Man, which features Gabrielle Union in a relationship with a White (or could be Hispanic) man. The difference in their skin color is not a factor at all in the story line. It is just another relationship dealing with normal relationship issues. Well done writers.

Another shout out goes to one of my new favorite shows on television, Scandal. In the show, the main character, played by Kerry Washington, is dealing with a relationship/affair she had with the White President of the United States, who clearly is in love with her. Very interesting indeed.

And lastly, I say kudos to the new TV show, NYC 22, which unfortunately likely won’t last, as there is nothing really great about the show. However, I salute the show’s writers because one of the main character on the show is a White rookie cop who falls in love with a Black woman he encounters regularly on his beat. Too bad the show won’t last though, and it’s not because of the relationship, just that there isn’t much else there.

And I presume you noticed that in all three cases above, the relationships featured White men and Black women. Extra kudos for that, since most often when we do see these relationships, it is Black men and White or Hispanic women. So good to see Black women getting some attention in these cases.

Television and film still have a ways to go on dealing with our changing society but it is good to see efforts being made to show Mixed couples in everyday relationships.

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