Joel Ward’s Winning Goal Brings Out The NHL’s Racists

Way to go Joel. Show 'em how it's done.

Ah, the ugliness of the social media rears its ugly head once again. The slime that hides behind their computer screens waiting for any opportunity to show their racism at any opportunity found one yet again yesterday. The last time such ugliness broke out across the web it was because some idiots were “shocked” that there were black people in key roles in The Hunger Games movie. I wrote about that here.

But last night, the racism vomited forth anew after The Washington Capitals eliminated the Boston Bruins from the NHL playoffs in a dramatic Game 7. So what happened to set them off this time?

A Black man, dared win the game in overtime for the Capitals! Oh the horror. A Black man starring in the very White sport of Hockey! It was too much for many of the hiding racists out there. Must have worried them that one of the few sports left where White men still dominate might be in jeopardy. Calm down people. We aren’t taking hockey over just yet. We still have to get Tiger back on top of golf, and then look at swimming and other winter sports.

In all seriousness though, the ugliness has been some of the worst I’ve seen. Hopefully many of these posters get hounded off of Twitter and Facebook. I’m all for free speech. But the rest of us have the right also to let them know that their speech is not going to go without their being singled out as idiots.

If you can handle reading constant use of the “N-word” here is a link to a blog that posted a lot of the comments.

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