The Internet Is Like A Big Closet For Bigots

She's just trying to make great art.

I’ve written many times how the Internet seems to be a great tool for all the closet racists out there who would never say anything vile to someone’s face, but with the anonymity the world wide web allows, they are able to let their innermost ugly come out.

I came across this great article by this one young black filmmaker that makes this point very well. In it she writes:

The crazy thing is, I’ve actually never been called a “nigger” in real life, you know like to my darkie face. It’s actually a shame, because I have so many witty comebacks prepared for when it happens, i.e., “Nigger?! [neck roll and snap] Oh no you didn’t, Massa!” ©

In the online world however, which is where most of my social life resides, the word is tossed about as freely as it was in the 50s and 60s, before the Internet even existed. Users hide comfortably behind their computer screens and type the most obnoxiously offensive things they can think of and thirstily WAIT for an angry response; a validation of their modest efforts.

Yep. That’s the Internet. As I may have written before, such responses are actually predictable on topics of news on the web featuring a Black person or some other minority. Makes you wonder if things are getting any better at all.

Here is the full article.

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