The Overreaction File – Everything Is Not Racist

Parents in a school in North Carolina made a stink about the letter below being sent home regarding an event at school. Look closely at the letter, because to many of the parents, there was a racist message in it. To me this is another case of crying racism where there is none. Which only hurts real instances of bigotry when they happen. There is enough out there that we don’t need to be looking for the “R word” everywhere. This is clearly one of those cases where people are reading way too much into something that is simply poorly worded.

An innocent mistake, nothing more.

To read the full article click here.

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One thought on “The Overreaction File – Everything Is Not Racist

  1. It is not “innocent” it is RACIST… If a non-white person wrote it , it is IGNORANT at best. Ther e is no “African American” clothing. There is no clothing in particular that African people who have been in the U.S.A. have traditionally worn for the last 500 years. There is AFRICAN clothing, but contrary to the imagery that Many Racists (White Supremacists) like promoting in trashy media, IT IS NOT ALL GRASS SKIRTS, bones in noses, Zebra skin, cheetah and leopard prints, or elephant tusks. There are more than 50 countries in Africa.. the Egyptians don’t have the same clothing by CUSTOM and history as the Nigerians and the Nigerians don’t wear the same clothing as the Zulu.. the Muslims don’t wear the same clothing as the Christians and the Hausa and Berber don’t all wear the same clothing.

    AND WE DIDN’T COME FROM THE DAMNED JUNGLES SWINGING ON VINES LIKE TARZAN and riding elephants. WE WERE CIVILIZED and had entire STATES dedicated to the growth, and production and dyeing of cotton textiles.. AND MORE.. if the letter had suggested Kente Cloth, or Afrikan wax prints or specific clothing TRADITIONAL for West Africa where we DO come from it would not have been RACIST, but it is because it maintains all the standard, asinine white supremacist tacky and trashy stereotypes about how African people dress and where we come from.. The Masai are nomads and even They as herders are not seen wearing ANIMAL prints and zebra crap!


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