The South Shall Not Rise Again, Not With This Kind of Thinking

So, what year is this?

Man, the South can’t seem to shake its image as a less than enlightened part of the country.

Two new reports came out that should have folks in the South a bit embarrassed, except for the fact that many are likely proud of what the reports say about them. In one, it was noted that nearly half, that’s right, half, of Republicans in Mississippi and Alabama still think President Obama is a Muslim. This despite all evidence to the contrary. The other poll just released, shows that a significant number of deep South Republicans, about 30%, believe that marriage between Blacks and Whites should be illegal. I said, illegal, people. In 2012.

Is that crazy or what? Or these people living in some time bubble?

Here is a link to the story on Southern Republicans thinking Obama is a Muslim. And here is a link to an interesting article on the mixed marriage news.

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