Mixed People Monday – Tony Gonzalez

The Atlanta Falcons star poses with his wife and son.

The future NFL Hall of Fame tight end is an ethnic mix of Hispanic, Afro-American, Jamaican, Indian and Cape Verdian.

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3 thoughts on “Mixed People Monday – Tony Gonzalez

  1. What is “Hispanic?” DOesn’t that mean belonging to Spain? How is one of a “HIspanic ethnicity?” aren’t there people of all colors and origins who call themselves “Hispanic?” including people with African ancestry and people with European ancestry and people with Indigenous “American” ancestry? What is a Jamaican? Is it an African whose ancestors were dropped off in Jamaica in the slave trade? A person whose Chinese ancestors came there to work in the Colonial system? and what on EARTH is a Cape Verdian? A Portuguese European whose ancestors colonized that portion of Africa? An African person who lives on there but doesn’t have any tribal heritage of native groups? A so-called Mulatto? I don’t get it.. it is all CONFUSING and there is no such thing as being “Interracial” as there is only ONE race. and that is the WHITE RACE. No other people on the planet have organized themselves into a “race” nor do any people on the planet OTHER THAN WHITE PEOPLE function as a “Race.”

    • Earnest Harris says:

      You are so right that it is all “so confusing.” Your questions about how to define ethnicity and “race” are exactly why this blog exists and is called “No More Race.” Read the “About This Blog” page and you will see how I say a similar thing.

      Now with that being said, I disagree with you when it comes to Whites being the only ones who think along “racial” lines. I have seen examples of many other people of various colors doing that. And I would take your questions a step further as well and say, what defines a ‘White” person? Because skin color alone cannot be the defining characteristic. Nor can European ancestry be the sole definition either. As you said, it is all so confusing. But only because we try so hard to define people when for the most part it is impossible to do.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Louie Diaz says:

    Tragic…nice name…Hispanic means your ancestors came from Spain…doesn’t matter your race…however, people who are Spaniards do not consider themselves Hispanic…they consider themselves European and racially Caucasian…my mother born in Puerto Rico always said she was Spanish..while my father also born in Puerto Rico always said he was racially white but identified himself as Puerto Rican because of his nationality…

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