Two High School Girls Let Us Really Know What They Think About Blacks


Sometimes you just have to hear what racism and stupidity sounds like for yourself.

Without filters.

Well here you go. This is from a couple of high school girls in Florida who decided to post a video saying what they thought about blacks and minorities. In the aftermath of this video, the girls have left school and gone into hiding. Their parents have issued several apologies for what the girls said. One of the girls even issued an apology herself. But it is hard to imagine she means it, when you hear what she says in the video before she suffered from a backlash.

But as I have said before sometimes it is good for us to hear what people are really thinking when they aren’t trying to be polite or when they are in private situations. So hear you go.

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3 thoughts on “Two High School Girls Let Us Really Know What They Think About Blacks

  1. I don’t even know why I sat here and watched this, because all it did was make me HIGHLY upset. I feel like crying. It just seems as if there is no hope for us. The sad part is, they are not the only ones that think like that-so many others share their ignorant views-their are people like them that hold all the power, deciding whether I get the job or not-selling me a home-and all because of the color of my skin, these things can be jeopardized. . Thank you for sharing.

  2. Earnest Harris says:

    Thanks for commenting. I understand completely. When I first saw it I was both shocked, saddened and angry all at once. As it is for you, I think what is most saddening is when young people say these things, since we tend to think they should be better about this than older folks. But take heart, I saw a newscast on the incident from their hometown in Gainesville, FL and almost everyone at their school, Black and White, was upset by these girls. I am not naive enough to think that there aren’t others in that school, and other places too, that think like that, but it is good to see the cross-cultural response to what these girls said.

  3. Tamara says:

    Wow, they can’t read what is typed in front of them, they use the wrong verbiage to express themselves and they speak out of context because they base their arguments on their own biases and racism, rather than substantial evidence such as statistics and research. Yet they had the nerve to post this idiotic video… i can’t believe i watched this trash.

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