Racists Can’t Touch Whitney Houston

The greatest singer of all.

I have written before how while the Internet is a great tool for connecting to people one might otherwise never have met, and learning many new perspectives, it is also the place for extreme ugliness and bigotry. There’s something about the anonymity of the world wide web that brings out the racists in droves. It has gotten to a point where when Yahoo posts a story that features a Black person, for any reason, I can bet that in the comments section racist crap is going to be there. Try it yourself and you will see what I mean.

The latest Internet racist idiocy comes from of all things, news about the death of Pop icon, Whitney Houston. As reported by the site Daily Kos, one article on Houston’s death featured some of the following comments:

A tragedy is when someones passes away from a terminal disease or something else that no one saw coming.Whitney is just an inferior lo w life ni gg er that needed to go,no tragedy,no loss.

Any death is a tragedy you heartless bástard.


not nignogs their death is a plus


SHe couldn’t even sell issues of “the national enquirer” anymore. Everyone was tired of the TNB. Niqqer flaps her lips and screeches, niqqer becomes rich. Niqqer ends up nearly broke after spending all of her money. Niqqer in constant fights and drug binges. Niqqer ODs when she learns she’s nearly broke and she is so wasted physically she can’t make another album. Niqqer hit the end of the road, niqqer thinking and niqqer behavior led her to where she had nothing. She couldn’t face life without the “bling bling”, she knew she would never have any more “kaching kaching”


I am now patiently waiting for the grand messiah Obama to have a blk fundraiser in honor of Whitley with Kevin Costner as guest of honor with all the Hollywood elites invited along with Alan Colmes, Al Sharpton, Jeremia Wright, Charles Rangel, etc. with a menu featuring blk eyed peas, grits, Imported Kobe steak, Dom Perignon, sweet potato pie and a mus lll im scarf as a momento of this great occasion.

Of course the door prize will be an all expense paid trip to Kenya to visit the Obama tribe and birthplace of his ancestors while the American people still look for this imposter’s birth certificate in Hawaii !!!

Wow. I don’t know what to even say about this kind of ugliness. You just need to know for all of us forward-thinking people, there are still a bunch of neanderthals walking the streets.

Here is a link to the full article.

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